Extreme flooding can be expected again: Norwegian water agency

Extreme flooding can be expected again: Norwegian water agency
Flooding of the Topdalselva river at Boen on October 2nd 2017. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix
Water levels in some of southern Norway’s water courses are currently at their highest level for over a century.

Flooding of the extending currently seen in the region is “extreme and rare,” according to a hydrologist with the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

“This is something we will see more of in the future,” NVE climate advisor and hydrologist Hege Hisdal told NRK.

Floods now seem to have peaked in water courses in the south and the water will now gradually recede, although it will take several days for larger rivers to return to normal levels, according to the broadcaster’s report.

“An extreme amount of rain has fallen in a relatively short time. The unusual element was a series of low pressure fronts that followed each other with a lot of rain – it has rained a lot over a large area,” Hisdal said.

Some areas have reported the highest water levels since 1900, writes NRK.

“This is very extreme and quite unusual,” Hisdal said, adding that “it is unfortunate that ongoing climate changes increase the probability of this happening.”

While flooding in the affected area of Norway is a natural phenomenon, NVE has observed a significant increase in both temperature and precipitation since the 1900s, Hisdal told NRK.

As such, more flooding as a result of both rainfall and melting snow is likely, she said.

“It is a result of increases in temperature and precipitation, and although we have a had a lot of big floods, including this one, we know that we can expect this again in the future,” Hisdal said.

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