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Islamic Council Norway hires woman in niqab as communications officer

Norwegian Muslim umbrella organisation Islamic Council Norway has been criticised for hiring a woman who wears the full face-covering niqab as a communications officer.

Big, bold and a bit bonkers: Norway's large-scale sculptures

These unusual, larger-than-life attractions double up as fun selfie spots, says our travel editor Marie Peyre.

Norwegian student fears being expelled for topless photos

A Norwegian student who earns money by selling revealing photos of herself could be asked to leave her school after a file was opened to assess her behaviour.

Norwegians are polite – in their own special way: researcher

They may not say hello on the bus or make small talk in supermarket queues, but Norwegians have their own way of being polite, say researchers.

Oslo-bound SAS flight makes emergency landing in Munich

A Scandinavian Airlines flight from Munich to Oslo was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine began to malfunction.

Norwegian government to spend millions removing litter from sea

Norway's government has pledged 100 million kroner ($11.8 million) for cleaning up the world's seas as part of a new maritime policy.

'More Norwegians than ever' take medication

Over 70 percent of Norwegians took some form of medication in 2016, according to statistics – a higher proportion than ever before.

Man shot at unknown location in Oslo

A man in his twenties is in critical condition after a mysterious shooting in Oslo. A second man has been arrested for withholding information, according to police.

Norway grants asylum to torture-fearing Turkish officers

Turkish military personnel have ignored orders to return home following last year's attempted coup and have now been granted asylum in Norway, saying they fear torture should they return home.

Norway fines French Arctic adventurer

A Norwegian court on Tuesday slapped the leader of a French maritime expedition with a fine of 30,000 kroner (3,300 euros, $3,500) for violating the regulations of the Arctic Svalbard archipelago.

Oslo appoints first 'daycare bullying ombudsman'

Oslo Municipality has appointed a permanent official to fight bullying in the Norwegian capital's schools from daycare age upwards – the first appointment of its kind in the country.

Birdwatching in Varanger, Finnmark

A world-class birding destination awaits in Arctic Norway.

How The Local helped this business school reach smart young global citizens

When a leading European business school wanted to raise awareness of its new pan-European course, The Local delivered.

Norway named the world's happiest country

A report has named Norway the world's happiest country for the first time, taking the title from Scandinavian neighbour Denmark.

Pushing the limit riding Norway's frozen waves

Veteran former world champion surfer Tom Carroll says Arctic surfing in Norway is a challenge that ‘pushes the limit'.

Norwegian politician wants to ban hijab in workplaces

Carl I. Hagen, former leader of the nationalist Progress Party, wants to ban municipality employees in Oslo from wearing the hijab and other religious symbols.

EU hits SAS with hefty antitrust fine

The EU Commission has issued a fine of €70 million to the Scandinavian airline for antitrust activity.

Norway ranks 10th for international students, 2nd for careers

A ranking of European countries based on their attractiveness for foreign students handed Norway a top ten spot, while the Nordic nation came second overall for career prospects.

Asylum seeker arrivals in Norway 'lowest since 1997'

3,460 people – the lowest number since 1997 – applied for asylum in Norway in 2016, according to Directorate of Immigration figures.

Ten percent of Norwegian children live in low income homes

The number of children living in families classed as ‘low income' reached a level of one on ten in 2015, according to Statistics Norway.

Norway hit by spike in gonorrhoea cases

Prevalence of the sexually transmitted gonorrhoea infection has increased fivefold in Norway over the last ten years, according to a new study.

Storm Stella causes cancellation of Scandinavian flights to New York

SAS cancelled all of its flights from Scandinavia to New York on Tuesday.

Norway for bookworms: A short travel guide for literature lovers

International festivals. Award-winning libraries. Picturesque book towns. There is plenty to appeal to book lovers visiting Norway, says our travel editor Marie Peyre.

Norwegian teams set new record with 217-minute game

Two Norwegian ice hockey teams set a record early Monday for the longest ever match, playing for three and half hours with eight overtime periods.

Video: Diver releases footage of Tromsø killer whales

A Tromsø-based photographer and filmmaker has released a video of rare interaction between humans and orcas off the coast of the Arctic Norwegian city.

Norway opens doors to dual citizenship

Norway's Høyre (Conservative) Party, the largest party in the governing coalition, voted at its annual conference in favour of a proposal to allow dual citizenship in the country.

Norway wants to scrap controversial air passenger tax

At its national conference, Norway's governing Høyre party announced that it plans to scrap a mandatory airline tax connected to last year's closure of Oslo Rygge Airport.

Utøya survivors received insufficient support, says report

Survivors of the terror attack on the island of Utøya near Oslo on July 22nd 2011, in which far-right extremist Anders Breivik killed 69 people, have not received sufficient psychological support in the years since the massacre, says a new report.

British citizens should have freedom of movement after Brexit, says chief EU negotiator

Brits have EU citizenship - and they shouldn't lose their rights, said EU negotiator Guy Verhofstadt.

Life expectancy of Norwegian men goes up again

The life expectancy of Norwegian men increased again last year to 80.6 years.

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