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Family Tree Grung

Ad type: Announcement
Date added: 29 Jul 2019

Greetings, my name is Steven Olsen, I live in Washington State, USA. My great, great grandfather Silvert Olans Olsen (1864-1899) when 8 years old, left Bergen in 1872 aboard a sailing vessel headed for Madagascar. He was married to Jenny Marie Grung (1856 -1897). Eventually after two years they moved to South Africa where they lived inland to sell supplies to new settlers there. Unfortunately they both became ill and died due to tropical fevers. The baby, my grandfather, Reider Olsen was left with an inland tribe before he was found some time later by his grandfather. My daughter, Emily and I plan to visit Norway in the summer of 2020. We would like to meet or get to know any of our relatives, stories about our family heritage and get to know something about the culture again. These relatives would include the descendants of Bertha Marie Silverdater 1836 and her parents: Silvert Gudmundsen 1802 - 1877 and Ingaborg Olsdatter 1812 - 1878 and the parents of Ole Olsen (1835): Ole Hansen Haredal 1802 and Marte Rasmusdatter 1797. I can be contacted at: My daughter, 18 is interested in sign language and a avid reader. I am a homeopathic doctor, now 62.