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What are your rights if your journey in Norway is disrupted by the weather

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What are your rights if your journey in Norway is disrupted by the weather
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Travel in Norway is often disrupted by unpredictable weather. Knowing your rights in the case of a cancellation or delay will prevent money spent on tickets from going down the drain.


Whether you're a visitor exploring Norway's beautiful landscapes or a resident commuting to work, bad weather can swiftly turn what was supposed to be an enjoyable, or at lest straightforward, experience into a nightmare.

From unexpected storms flooding roads and railways to powerful winds causing flight cancellations, Norway's erratic weather can pose significant challenges to travellers from time to time.

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But amid the inconvenience and frustration, it's important to be familiar with your rights and the options available when your journey is delayed or interrupted due to weather-related issues.

Whether you find yourself facing flight cancellations at Oslo Airport, train delays on the Bergen Line, or navigating icy roads in Trondheim, here's what you need to know to mitigate the impact of weather-related events on your trip.

Train trip interruptions

If your train journey is cancelled or significantly delayed, you are typically entitled to a refund of the ticket price or the option to rebook on the next available train – unfortunately, this is seldom the case when the interruption is caused by extreme weather.

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However, the rules and conditions vary, so you should always check with your train operator.

Train operator SJ Norge lists these conditions on the refunds and compensation section of its website, as well as in the terms and conditions section.

There are special rules that apply when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

"Compensation cannot be claimed if the delay or cancellation of the train is due to circumstances beyond the control of SJ Norge or Bane Nor, such as extraordinary weather conditions or natural events, public orders and prohibitions, strikes and lockouts, etc," Ronny R. Reithe, the market and service director at SJ Norge, told The Local.

He pointed to Storm Hans in August of 2023 of an example of when conditions are beyond the control of the train firm. In addition to train lines being halted, and a railway bridge collapsing roads were also closed meaning no alternative transportation could be arranged. 

Reithe said that while compensation cannot be claimed, passengers were still able to be refunded. 


He encouraged passengers to follow relevant trip information via the Entur app, SJ Norge's social media channels, their website, and through direct text messages (SMS) and email.

"There are several internal procedures in place as to what happens when something changes the customer's travel plans, and in almost all cases, we can get hold of and inform the customers. There can be challenges for those customers for whom we do not have the correct contact info. So I always recommend that our passengers make a profile at (or the app) – that makes it easy for us to contact them if anything should happen to their itinerary," he said.

Vy, the state-owned railway company that operates most passenger train services and many bus services in Norway, also has its refund conditions listed on its webpage.

The rail company also doesn't refund for extreme weather or what can be considered beyond the control of the company. However, extreme weather can be loose and it may end up issuing compensation. 

"Last week, with no other transport available for passengers, we decided to refund more than we usually do in these conditions, (such as for taxis)," Siv Egger Westin, communications officer at Vy, told The Local.

Vy said it updated passengers through its app, webpage, and via emails. It said network rail operator Bane Nor was responsible for updating passengers at platforms and stations. 


Vy train

A Vy train stationed at Lillestrøm station in Skedsmo, Norway. Photo by: Vy / Rune Fossum / Press

Bus, tram, and metro traffic issues

Generally speaking, public transport service providers in Norway's major municipalities offer a travel and refund guarantee, which applies as long as you meet the set requirements.

Extreme weather events are usually not covered by these guarantees.

Oslo's public transport operator, Ruter, told The Local that passengers were eligible for a refund of up to 750 kroner in cases where they experienced delays exceeding 20 minutes due to route disruptions, cancellations, or other unforeseen issues on our part, provided that they have:

  • Allowed for enough transfer time (a minimum of five minutes).
  • Considered sufficient walking time.
  • Followed the correct timetable.

Furthermore, the refund travel guarantee extends to situations where passengers could not board the mode of transport using a wheelchair or other mobility aid, and no taxi was offered to them at Ruter's expense on-site, Cathrine Myhren-Haugen, press officer at Ruter, said.

"You are not entitled to a refund if you knew or should have been aware of the issue in advance or if Ruter is not to blame for the issue, which includes extreme weather conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain and heavy snowfall, earthquakes and landslides, strikes, known events or other factors that hinder or obstruct traffic, relocation of stops announced in advance, or reduced capacity or cancellation of departures announced in advance, due to public infectious diseases or similar," Myhren-Haugen told The Local.


Furthermore, the refund travel guarantee does not include issues resulting from the delay, such as not reaching a dental appointment, a business appointment, or a flight departure.

"Taxi or similar transportation expenses are refunded if you have a receipt stating the price, date and time, and the enterprise registration number and permit number of the taxi or service provider. If you travel by car, you will be refunded mileage according to the government's rates. If several people travel together, only the driver can submit a refund claim. If a refund is also required for additional passengers, it must be documented that the passenger(s) had a valid ticket for the journey.

"Refunds only apply to the mileage allowance. The refund does not cover tolls, parking or car rental expenses. We also refund expenses for city bikes or electric scooters if you have a receipt showing the amount, date and time period of rental, and the enterprise registration number of the service provider," Ruter's press officer said.

Skyss, which operates public transport in Bergen in western Norway, also has a travel guarantee in place. The guarantee applies to buses, Bergen light rail (Bybanen), and express boats.

You can find more detailed information on Skyss's travel guarantee – including refund options – on the company's website.

However, in case of weather-related delays, the guarantee does not apply.

"The travel guarantee does not apply if the delay or cancellation is due to extraordinary weather conditions, such as heavy snowfall, landslides or avalanches, floods or exceptionally slippery roads," Skyss press officer Karoline Rage told The Local.


Flight delays and cancellations

If your flight in Norway is delayed or cancelled, the airline must provide you with information about your rights, including rebooking options, compensation, and assistance.

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As is the case with most other forms of transport, generally, you will not be entitled to compensation when the reason for the cancellation is extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided, such as bad weather that prevents air traffic, certain types of strikes, or unforeseen security measures. You can find more details on the circumstances that warrant a refund on the Norwegian Consumer Council's webpage.

Airlines are required to provide assistance in the form of meals, refreshments, accommodation, and transportation if necessary, depending on the length of the delay and your location.

Furthermore, if your flight is cancelled, you have the right to choose to rebook the flight at the earliest opportunity.


Preparing for your trip

Before embarking on any journey in Norway, especially during the winter season, make sure to check the weather conditions and information on road closures.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) provides real-time updates on road conditions and closures, while you can find relevant weather updates on and


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