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How does the cost of commuting compare to living in Oslo? 

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How does the cost of commuting compare to living in Oslo? 
It is possible to save up to a few thousand kroner per month living outside Oslo and commuting in for work. Pictured is a person waiting at a bus stop in Oslo.

Aside from saving on rent, living outside of Oslo and commuting in has many other benefits. However, how does the cost of commuting compare to living in the capital? 

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Oslo is a fantastic city for many reasons, but living in the Norwegian capital comes at a cost. During the 3rd quarter of 2023, the average rental price in Oslo was 15,473 kroner per month, according to figures from the rental agency Husleie

For comparison, the average rental price in Norway during the 3rd quarter was 11,838 kroner. With it costing so much to call Oslo home, it is no surprise many consider living outside the city. 

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Enjoying a quieter, slower pace of life, being closer to nature and being able to afford a larger place are other benefits of living outside the capital. 

There are also several towns where the journey into Oslo can be completed by public transport in less than 30 minutes. 

How much money you save when moving and choosing to commute will depend on where you choose to live. 

The cost of travel plus rent 

A two-room place in the capital cost 16,059 per month in September 2023, according to figures from the Utmegleren rental agency. 

Ruter is the public transport provider for Oslo. A monthly travel ticket for its services in zone 1, which covers most of Oslo and as far as Fornebu and Lørenskog, costs 853 kroner. An annual ticket costs 8,531 kroner for zone 1. 

If you were to rent in Asker and Bærum, you could expect to pay an average of 12,938 kroner each month for a two-room place. 

If you use Ruter services to Asker and Sandvika (zone 2V), an annual pass would cost 15,123 kroner, and a monthly ticket would set travellers back 1,512 kroner. Therefore, if you live in Asker or Sandvika and commute into Oslo with Ruter, you could expect to pay 14,495 per month in travel and rent. 

A season ticket for a Vy train service from Asker to Oslo costs the same as a Ruter season pass. Many Vy monthly and season tickets include travel on Ruter services.

This equates to around 2,400 kroner per month saved living outside the capital when using comparing the cost of a two-room in Oslo to one in Asker and Bærum and a travel ticket.

While saving 2,400 kroner per month, you will lose around 40 minutes to an hour commuting daily. 

When it comes to Romerike, the choice of where you live will determine how much cheaper it is to commute. 


If you choose Lillestrøm, a ten-minute train journey from the capital, you could expect to pay between 13,500 kroner and 15,000 kroner monthly rent. While the rent there is higher than the average for the area, the monthly ticket for the train costs 1,512 per month, and a season ticket costs 15,123 kroner. 

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Overall, you'd pay between 14,500 and 16,000 per month living in Lillestrøm and commuting to Oslo. Comparatively, the cost of a two-room place in Oslo and a Ruter travel card is around 16,900 kroner per month. This means it's possible to save up to 2,400 kroner per month commuting from Lillestrøm. 

In Hønefoss, also Romerike, rent will be closer to the average monthly figure. However, a 30-day train ticket to Oslo costs 3,457 kroner. This would take the total cost of rent and travel to 15,980 kroner. 

You would save around 1,000 kroner a month but lose about 10 hours weekly to commuting time. 

Eidsvoll is around half the journey from Hønefoss, and a travel ticket costs less at 2,174 kroner per month. There, apartments can range from 11,000 to 16,000 kroner depending on size, centrality and finish. It is possible to get a decent-sized apartment for under 13,500 kroner. Living in Eidsvoll, it would be possible to save 2,300 kroner per month, depending on your rent. 


In Ski, the cost of a reasonably sized apartment was around 12,500-14,000 kroner per month at the time of writing. Slightly larger apartments with garage spaces and other amenities were on the market for upwards of 15,000. 

A season ticket for the train, which takes 12 minutes to the city centre, is 1,512 kroner per month. This means you can save up to 2,900 kroner a month living in Ski compared to Oslo. It will be possible to save more if you opt for a smaller studio apartment. 

Drammen is one of the most popular destinations. There, the average rent price was 13,862. The cost of commuting there is the same as in other towns close to Oslo, 1,512. This means living in Drammen and heading to Oslo for work could cost up to 15,300 kroner a month. This is a saving of around 1,600 per month. 



It isn't easy to calculate the exact cost of commuting into the capital via car. The reason is the amount you spend on fuel will depend on the car and factors such as whether it is petrol, electric, diesel and its range. There is also the cost of insurance, which can vary from model to model and where one lives.

Other considerations include whether you own the car outright, make monthly payments or lease it. Other costs such as toll roads and parking also make the cost of commuting via car more variable than using public transport.


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