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53 phrases to help you get by in a Norwegian-speaking office

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53 phrases to help you get by in a Norwegian-speaking office
When you find yourself in a Norwegian-speaking office in Norway, understanding and using the right phrases can make all the difference. Photo by jatinder nagra on Unsplash

Whether you're new to a Norwegian-speaking office or simply looking to improve your language skills, these phrases will help you in your journey towards success in a new office environment.


If you find yourself working in a Norwegian-speaking office in Norway, mastering some key phrases can significantly ease your transition and improve your overall professional experience.

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Effective communication is not only vital for day-to-day tasks but also for building strong relationships with colleagues.

By mastering some essential phrases, you'll be able to speed up your integration into Norwegian office culture and make a positive impression on your coworkers.

Picking the right greeting

Greetings are a common way of setting the tone for the day and building connections with your colleagues.

A warm and friendly greeting can go a long way, whether you're passing someone in the hallway, entering a meeting room, or starting your workday.

Try using some of the following, depending on the situation:

Hei! – Hello!
Hei hei! – Hi there!
Hei alle sammen! – Hello, everyone!
Hvordan går det? – How are you?
Hvordan har du det? – How are you doing?
Velkommen! – Welcome!
Ha en fin dag! – Have a nice day!
God morgen! – Good morning!
God ettermiddag! – Good afternoon!
God kveld! – Good evening!



Making a positive first impression is essential for a successful career in any work environment.

You can use multiple Norwegian phrases to confidently present yourself or engage with other new colleagues in Norway:

Jeg heter Mark – My name is Mark
Mitt navn er Mark – My name is Mark
Hyggelig å møte deg – Nice to meet you
Dette er Mark – This is Mark
Hva heter du? – What's your name?
Hvordan har du det? – How are you?
Hvordan går det med deg? – How are you doing?
Det er hyggelig å treffe deg – It's nice to meet you.
Jeg ser frem til å samarbeide med deg – I look forward to working with you.
Er du ny her? – Are you new here?
La oss bli bedre kjent – Let's get to know each other better.


Polite responses and expressions

Politeness is a cornerstone of effective office communication and respectful interactions, and polite expressions foster a cooperative work environment.

From "Takk" to "Vær så snill," using polite expressions will help you form connections with your Norwegian coworkers:

Takk – Thank you
Tusen takk! – A thousand thanks!
Ja, takk – Yes, please
Nei, takk – No, thank you
Selvfølgelig – Of course
Det var hyggelig å hjelpe – It was nice to help
Det var en glede – It was a pleasure
Vær så snill – Please
Unnskyld – Excuse me
Beklager – I'm sorry
Godt jobbet! - Well done!
Du gjør en flott jobb - You're doing a great job


Key office terminology and expressions

A shared understanding of crucial office terminology and expressions not only streamlines day-to-day work but also reinforces your confidence in a professional setting.

The world of Norwegian office jargon and expressions is quite interesting, and these phrases will ensure that you get a solid overview of the language of work in Norway:

Arbeidsplass – Workplace. Use it like this: Min arbeidsplass har et åpent kontorlandskap. - My workplace has an open office layout.
Møte – Meeting. Use it like this: Vi må planlegge møtet. - We need to plan the meeting. / La oss organisere et møte med ledelsen. - Let's arrange a meeting with management.
Rapport – Report. Use it like this: Kan du sende meg den rapporten? - Can you send me the report?
Prosjekt – Project. Use it like this: Hvordan går det med prosjektet? - How is the project progressing?
Vi må samarbeide for å løse dette. - We need to collaborate to solve this.
Har du tid til en telefonkonferanse? - Do you have time for a conference call?
La oss diskutere strategien videre. - Let's discuss the strategy further.
Er du klar for oppgaven? - Are you ready for the task?
Hva er tidsplanen for i dag? - What's the schedule for today?
Kan du sende meg e-posten? - Can you send me the email?


Phrases you should use when socialising

Socialising plays an important role in creating and maintaining bonds with colleagues.

We've put together some phrases to equip you with the essentials necessary to engage in friendly conversations or initiate gatherings:

Lunsjpause – Lunch break. Use it like this: Skal vi ta en lunsjpause sammen? – Shall we have lunch together?
Skal vi ta en kaffe? – Shall we have coffee?
La oss ta en kaffe sammen. – Let's have coffee together.
La oss spise lunsj sammen. – Let's have lunch together.
Hvordan har helgen din vært? – How was your weekend?
Vil du være med på after-work i morgen? – Would you like to join the after-work event tomorrow?
Har du noen spennende planer for kvelden? – Do you have any exciting plans for the evening?
Vi burde organisere et team-building arrangement snart. – We should organise a team-building event soon.
Det var hyggelig å treffe deg utenfor kontoret. – It was nice to meet you outside of the office.


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