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Which industries in Norway have the most vacancies, and what do they pay?

Frazer Norwell
Frazer Norwell - [email protected] • 15 Mar, 2023 Updated Wed 15 Mar 2023 15:04 CEST
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These are the jobs in Norway that need the most workers, and what they pay. Pictured are office workers. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

There are several industries in Norway with a shortage of workers. Here’s which sectors need workers and how much those jobs pay.


The latest figures from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) show that there were around 61,800 job vacancies in Norway in January 2023. 

Overall, the number of job openings in Norway has remained stable over the previous six months, and many vacancies remain available.

NAV’s figures show that the most openings were available in nursing and social care, with a similar demand for workers in teaching and retail work. Since the beginning of 2022, the demand for teachers has grown the most, while the need for construction and IT workers has dropped significantly. 

The average monthly salary for teachers in Norway ranges from 43,640 kroner per month to 59,600 kroner per month when including university lecturers, according to figures from the national data agency Statistics Norway. 


Kindergarten teachers had the lowest overall monthly salary. Meanwhile, a primary school teacher made an average of 49,330 kroner a month in 2022. For a full overview of teachers’ average salary in Norway, click here

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Norway had almost 5,000 nursing and social care vacancies at the beginning of 2023. Nurses in Norway took home an average monthly salary of 51,020 kroner in Norway. Due to language requirements and the need to have your education verified, becoming a nurse in Norway as a foreign national can be extremely difficult. 

When looking at the average for nursing and care workers as an overall profession, the average monthly salary drops to 38,050 kroner per month. 

Work in the retail and sales sector had an identical number of vacancies at the beginning of 2023 as nursing and social care, according to NAV. Sales professionals in Norway made an average of 39,140 kroner per month in 2022. Those who worked in stores and ticket booths made a similar amount of money per month, while those who worked in markets made an average of 54,450 kroner per month. 

Other figures for listings show that at the end of 2022, there were 12,900 vacancies in the business management industry. Administration was one of the areas within this sector with the most open job listings. Last year advisors in finance, administration and sales took home 62,010 kroner monthly. Meanwhile, finance, administration and sales employees commanded a monthly pay packet of 61,500 kroner. 

The average monthly salary dropped to 45,820 kroner a month when the profession was widened to all office workers. Accountants and stenographers were among the highest-paying occupations among office workers, making more than 50,000 kroner per month. Receptionists and other information-based roles were the lowest earners, commanding an average of 41,100 kroner per month.  

Those with a craft were the next highest in-demand profession. Craftsmen in Norway, on average, earned a wage of 43,930 kroner each month. However, the salary available to craftsmen varied depending on their job. Electricians were the highest-earning craftsmen, making around 47,060 kroner on average. Painters, tailors, fishmongers and butchers were the lowest-paid craftsmen, earned around 41,000 per month. 



Frazer Norwell 2023/03/15 15:04

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