What are the rules for purchasing and setting off fireworks in Norway?

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Frazer Norwell - [email protected] • 29 Dec, 2022 Updated Thu 29 Dec 2022 12:22 CEST
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These are the rules for buying and using fireworks in Norway. Pictured are fireworks. Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

Many associate New Year's with fireworks. However, Norway has strict rules and regulations dictating when you can purchase them and when you can set them off. Here's what you need to know.


As New Year's approaches, many will look forward to ringing in the New Year with some pyrotechnics.

This will only apply to some, though, and in recent years many have become more aware of the effect fireworks can have on the environment, wildlife, pets and people.

Still, as you may have noticed in your preparations for New Year's, Norway has a strict set of regulations which govern the use of fireworks.

Firstly, the use of fireworks is restricted to just a handful of days each year. In addition, fireworks can only be sold to those over 18 between December 27th and December 31st each year.


Additionally, sparklers can only be used by children over 12. Furthermore, children are not allowed to use sparklers unsupervised.

Consumers are only allowed to use fireworks sold by outlets with a licence from the fire service to sell pyrotechnics. It is illegal to bring or order fireworks from abroad, and in doing so, you may be prosecuted if caught.

Certain fireworks are also banned in Norway. For example, in Norway, rockets, fireworks that look like toys, and firecrackers are prohibited. Flares are also forbidden, apart from when there is a real emergency.

When setting fireworks off, you are only allowed to do so between 6pm on New Year's Eve and 02:00am on New Year's Day.

On a more local level, there will be zoning rules where the setting off of fireworks will be banned, even during periods when you are allowed to set them off.

Oslo, for example, only allows fireworks to be set off outside of Ring 2. Many other cities and towns will have a similar rule prohibiting fireworks from the town or city centre.

Aside from the prohibited areas, you can set off fireworks wherever you wish. However, it is advised to be more than 15 metres away from buildings. You are also liable for any damage your fireworks do to property or anything else.

If the rules are too restrictive for your liking, then there is no need to fret, as many municipalities in Norway will hold their own displays for residents. Most big cities have celebrations planned for New Year's Eve 2022, with the most notable exception being the capital of Oslo.



Frazer Norwell 2022/12/29 12:22

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