Why is Oslo asking residents to save water? 

Oslo Municipality asked residents to try and save water on Monday to try and prevent drought measures from being introduced in the Norwegian capital later on. 

Apartments in Oslo, the town hall is in the background.
Oslo municipality has asked residents to save water. Pictured: Apartments in Oslo, the town hall is in the background. Photo by Gunnar Ridderström on Unsplash

Water reservoirs in Oslo are well-below normal levels for the time of year, and Oslo Municipality asked residents to think carefully about their water consumption. 

 “We ask you to save water where you can, so that you and everyone else in the city can continue to use water for the most important things in life,” the municipality wrote on its website.

In a text message sent earlier to residents, the local authority asked that people spend less time in the shower and not leave the tap running while they brush their teeth. 

Last week the Norwegian Energy and Water Directorate warned that the water-saving restrictions could be implemented.  

Reservoirs in Oslo are around 20 percent lower than they are typically for the time of year, newspaper VG reported last week.

This winter, there has been little precipitation, snowfall or otherwise. High temperatures have also contributed to the situation. 

The municipality has restricted water flow to the Akerselva to save water and recently started to receive water from Bærum Municipality and Nedre Romerike Vannverk to supplement its needs. 

In its statement, the municipality said that water restrictions could be brought in, although the situation didn’t demand such measures just yet. 

“It isn’t (the situation) critical yet, but if we do not get more precipitation in the time ahead, the water reservoirs will continue to sink. Then we will need to introduce measures on water use. We want to avoid that,” the statement read. 

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Norway’s Royal Palace to reopen to the public 

The Norwegian Royal Palace will once again be open to visitors after closing its doors to the public for two years due to the pandemic, the palace announced Friday. 

Norway’s Royal Palace to reopen to the public 

After two years of pandemic closures, the Royal Palace in Oslo will reopen to the public and allow visitors to take tours. The tours will recommence from June 25th. 

The public will be able to take a tour which will go through some of the palace’s most important rooms- such as the Council Chamber, the ballroom, the dining hall and the King Haakon Suite. 


The tour will also feature the White Salon, which was restored last year to resemble how it looked when the palace was first built in 1849. 

Tours will be available from mid-August. Tickets start from 175 kroner per person.