EXPLAINED: How the rules for electric scooters in Norway could change

The Norwegian government has already announced a new age limit. However, it has also proposed introducing more rules for e-scooter users. Here’s what you need to know.

The government has said that it will look at introducing new rules other than the new age limit. Pictured are scooters. Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

Later this spring, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport will introduce a new age limit for e-scooters. To use the devices under new rules, users will need to be over 12.

The Minister for Transport, Jon-Ivar Nygård, has said the rules are being introduced to prevent accidents involving children.

“We understand that it feels stupid for them not to be able to ride the electric scooter they have bought. But the use of electric scooters has proven to be more dangerous than we previously thought, and therefore children must wait to use them until they are old enough,” Nygård told newspaper Aftenposten.

In addition to the age limit, the government will look at other ways to tighten the rules. Among the new regulations being suggested are a ban on driving scooters on pavements, meaning users will have to follow traffic rules and road signs.

If these additional rules are adopted, then it is possible that the government will raise the age limit again, this time to 16.

“Therefore, if it is forbidden to drive on sidewalks, the age limit can be higher, perhaps up to 16 years,” Nygård said.

Last year Oslo took steps to tighten the rules for scooters following a sharp rise in accidents. Among the rules introduced at the time was a cap on the number of e-scooters allowed in the city.

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What you need to know about Oslo’s metro line closures in May and June 

Parts of Oslo’s metro will close for around two weeks at the end of May, with bus replacement services scheduled. 

What you need to know about Oslo’s metro line closures in May and June 

Between May 26th and June 6th, parts of the number two, three and four T-bane lines will close and be replaced with a bus replacement service. 

“The buses will run frequently, but at times it could be cramped for space. Those who are going to travel during this period should think of alternative travel routes,” Ruter’s press officer Øystein Dahl Johansen said in an announcement.

The closures will mainly affect the eastern parts of Oslo’s t-bane system. 

On line two, there will be no metro traffic between Helsfyr and Tveita. On line three, no metro trains will run between Helsfyr and Hellerud. On line three, Ruter advises changing at Oppsal to avoid closures. And on line four, the track between Helsfyr and Vestil will be shut.  

The closures are due to Sporveien wishing to carry out work on tunnels and bridges on the sections of the t-bane, which will be closed. 

Bus services will operate between the stops affected by the closures. Ruter will offer the busses 2B between Helsfyr T and Tveita T, 3B between Helsfyr T to Oppsal, and the 4B between Helsfyr T to Bergkrystallen T. 

The public transport operator said that the schedule for several bus routes from Helsfyr T might be changed due to the extra traffic passing through the stop.