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The key Norwegian tax season dates you need to know about

Frazer Norwell
Frazer Norwell - [email protected] • 24 Mar, 2022 Updated Thu 24 Mar 2022 14:59 CEST
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It's that time of year again when you need to start thinking about your Norwegian tax return. Here are a few key dates to ensure you stay on top of things. 

Taxes, one of the two things said to be guaranteed in life, can be a tricky thing for some. Luckily in Norway, much of the process can be done online, simplifying things somewhat. 

In some cases, it pays to be on top of things, and the sooner you submit your declaration, the sooner you can expect any potential rebate. 

Therefore, keeping track of the key dates can help make this year's tax season more straightforward. So be sure to put these deadlines in your diary, calendar or phone. 

March 16th 

On March 16th, the Norwegian Tax Administration began the process of sending out the country's tax returns

Not everyone will receive their tax return for 2021 at the same time, and the returns will be sent out until April 4th, so if you haven't received it yet, it should come eventually. 

You will receive your tax return either by mail or by logging onto the tax administration's website

Once you have received your return, you will need to check your salary and paid tax. You will also need to check that the debts and assets listed are correct. 

You will then need to correct anything incorrect and submit it. You can make changes to the tax return after you submit it. 

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April 4th

If you are expecting a tax return but have not received one after this date, you will need to contact the tax administration as this is the last day they will be sent out. 

April 30th

The main deadline you will need to be aware of is the one for submitting tax returns. You will need to submit the main tax return by this date. The end of April also sees the deadline for applying for a postponed deadline if you need more time to get your affairs in order. 

April 30th is also the final day to submit a statement of any shares you own. 

May 31st

This is the deadline for business owners to submit their tax returns. This applies to sole proprietorships (Enkeltpersonforetak/EK) and companies (Selskap/AS). The process of handling the tax return is different for companies and sole proprietorships.

You can read about the process of doing tax returns for both here.

May 31st is also a key date if you are expecting a rebate. If you have overpaid in the last year and are set to receive a refund, you will be notified by the end of May in the form of a tax assessment. 

June 15th 

When your tax return has been processed, you will be sent a tax assessment notice. In addition, you'll receive a notice with information regarding how much money you'll receive as a rebate or how much you'll need to repay if you've overpaid. The middle of June sees the last batch of assessments sent out until the end of summer. 

Tax assessments for underpaid tax will be sent from June onwards, meaning you'll need to pay tax back if you receive one after the end of May. 

August 17th 

This is when the tax authorities will begin sending tax assessment forms out to those who have underpaid again. They will continue to do this until November. 



Frazer Norwell 2022/03/24 14:59

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