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Today in Norway: A roundup of the latest news on Monday

Find out what’s going on in Norway on Monday with The Local’s short roundup of important news.

A meteor (not the one pictured) was spotted over southern Norway on Sunday.
A meteor (not the one pictured) was spotted over southern Norway on Sunday. Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

Health authorities change guidelines for home tests 

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health (NIPH) has updated its guidelines in relation to the use of ‘home’ or ‘self’ tests for Covid-19, the authority said in a statement this morning.

The rapid antigen tests which can be administered at home are generally referred to as self-test in Norway and are also known as lateral flow tests.

According to NIPH, self tests which take samples from only the nose will detect most infections but samples from both the nose and throat may detect a higher number of Omicron infections.

“Particularly adults with symptoms can therefore take samples from both the nose and throat when they do self-tests,” NIPH medic Joakim Øverbø said in the statement.

The sample should be taken from the throat first and then the nose, or only the nose – but not from the nose and then the throat, Øverbø said.

Language council to make ‘hen’ pronoun

The Language Council of Norway (Språkrådet) is to make “hen” a personal pronoun, according to media Blikk.

If the proposal is approved, “hen” will be added to the Norwegian dictionary as a gender neutral equivalent to “hun” (she) and “han” (he).

“The proposal is to give hen the status of a personal pronoun as a third person, such as that of hun and han today,” section manager Daniel Ims of the Language Council of Norway told Blikk.

“Hen” can be used as a neutral word for something with unknown gender or for someone who does not define themselves with “hun” or “han”, Ims said.

The word could be added to the dictionary later this year.

Meteor spotted over south of country

A new meteor was spotted above Norway in several locations on Sunday evening, newspaper VG writes.

The meteor was registered with the Norwegian Meteoritical Society (Norsk Meteornettverk) at 6:09pm yesterday evening, the paper reports.

The celestial object is estimated to have entered the earth’s atmosphere 113 kilometres above Telemark and disintegrated at an altitude of about 25 kilometres before landing in the sea off Telemark.

Any debris from the meteor will have landed in the sea, an expert said to VG.

Covid-19: 14,040 new cases in Norway

14,040 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Norway in the most recent daily update.

That is 6,113 cases less than the average daily total (20,153) for the last seven days and 1,394 more cases than last Sunday.

In Oslo, 4,065 new cases were registered, 1,438 more than yesterday.

A lower number of new cases is generally registered on weekends.

On Sunday, a total of 230 people with Covid-19 were admitted to hospitals in Norway, a drop of 13 compared to the previous day and three more than seven days prior. 53 patients with the virus are currently admitted to ICUs.

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Today in Norway: A roundup of the latest news on Friday 

Why food will be more expensive from today, a key strike deadline and a heavy rain warning for east Norway are among the main stories from Norway on Friday.

Today in Norway: A roundup of the latest news on Friday 

Food to be more expensive from today 

The price of food in Norway will be “noticeably” higher from today, with the annual shopping bill for families expected to rise by a few thousand kroner from July 1st. 

The reason is that July 1st is one of two days each year when supermarkets raise prices for many different food products. 

Food will become expensive for several reasons. Firstly, as part of the agricultural settlement this year, farmers are allowed to charge more for their grain, meat and dairy products, and fruit and vegetables. 

Suppliers to supermarkets have also raised their prices, and it has become more expensive for food to be imported to Norway. 

“There is no doubt that there will be price increases, noticeable price increases,” Bård Gultvedt, director of business policy and government contact in Norgesgruppen, which owns Kiwi and Meny, said. 

Oslo shooting: Police appeal for video evidence

Oslo police, which is investigating the shooting in Oslo that left two dead and 21 injured last weekend, has appealed for the public to submit more video evidence if it has any. 

So far, Oslo police have received more than 70 tips from the public. They have also asked that video recordings from CCTV and the like from before the attack be stored for eight weeks rather than the typical seven days. 

“We are now working primarily with what we call the video project,” police attorney Børge Enoksen said at a press conference. 

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Mediation deadline for potential SAS pilot strike 

The extended mediation deadline for SAS and pilots working for the airline to reach an agreement and avoid a strike is midnight, July 2nd. 

If the two parties cannot agree, nearly 900 pilots will go on strike, with 400 being in Norway. 

A strike would lead to many of SAS’s flights from Norway over the weekend being cancelled. Previously, VG has reported that a strike would ground around 140 flights. 

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Heavy rain warning

A yellow danger warning is in place for heavy rain in Eastern Norway on Friday. 

“Heavy rain showers are expected in the eastern region. There are large local variations in intensity and quantity, and the weather can change quickly. The location of the precipitation is uncertain. Locally, the precipitation is expected to pass 15 millimetres per hour,” meteorologists forecasted.

Rain is also expected in north Norway. 

“Heavy rain can cause locally difficult driving conditions due to surface water and danger of aquaplaning. Adjust the speed according to the conditions and have a safe and good trip,” the State Highways Authority tweeted.