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TELL US: What do you wish you knew before you moved to Norway?

Moving to another country can be a life-changing and rewarding experience, although there are usually a few bumps along the way. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you wish you knew before making the move to Norway.

Pictured is the Norwegian flag.
Tell us about the things you wish you knew before moving to Norway. Pictured are people watching the sunset with the Norwegian flag over them. Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash

Relocating to another country can be incredibly rewarding and highly stressful, and no matter how well you prepare for the move, something unexpected or unanticipated always seems to rear its head.

Whether it’s a key piece of paper or a vital document required to help smooth the bureaucratic process, an unexpected cost or an aspect of life in Norway that came as a shock to the system.

It doesn’t have to be negative either. It could also be something you’ve grown to love or came as a pleasant surprise. Either way, we would like to hear from you about the things you wish you knew before moving to Norway.

We’ll aim to include your answers in a future article. Thank you for taking part.

Frazer at The Local Norway.


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Record job vacancies in Norway: Which sectors need workers?

During the first quarter of 2022, there were a record number of job vacancies in Norway available, but which sectors are most in need of workers?

Record job vacancies in Norway: Which sectors need workers?

Norway passed 100,000 job vaccines during the first three months of the year, figures from Statistics Norway have revealed.

Compared to the same period a year before, the number of job openings increased by 7.3 percent when the figures are adjusted for seasonal variation.

“The number of vacancies was a record high throughout 2021. This quarter we see a further increase, and the number of vacancies is now over 100,000, the highest in over ten years,” Tonje Køber, from the labour market and wages section at Statistics Norway, said.

Unemployment fell to its lowest level since 2009 in the first quarter, also, figures from the Labour Force Survey show. During the first quarter of 2022, unemployment in Norway was 3.1 percent.


Statistics Norway noted that construction was one of the industries with the highest number of vacancies, but the number of job openings was not yet back to pre-pandemic levels.

In the administration and support sectors, more than 11,200 vacancies were registered. Hospitality and accommodation was another sector with a high number of openings throughout the beginning of the year. Across these sectors, 7,000 vacancies were listed.

More than 6,000 openings were also reported for the comms and information sectors. The professional, scientific, and technical industries had just under 8,000 roles available during this period.

The technical and scientific professions were also the industries with the highest growth in the number of vacancies.

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) has previously said Norway needs more skilled workers. 

“We now see a strengthened and persistent imbalance between the competence that employers demand and the competence that jobseekers offer,” director of labour and welfare at NAV, Hans Christian Holte, said in a report on unemployment published last month.