Norwegian word of the day: Digg

Norwegian word of the day: Digg
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Did you just score tickets to the sold out concert? Så digg!

Why do I need to know this?

Digg is often used as a single worded response and is interchangeable with many other Norwegian words. If you want to add digg to your Norwegian vocabulary, start to take notice how and when it is used by the locals to get a better idea of how this word fits into a dialogue. 

What does it mean?

Just like koselig, and hyggelig, digg is one of the many Norwegian words that can be used in several different contexts. Usually, digg is a more popular word used by younger generations and means “cool” or “nice” or even, “yum”. Though it isn’t a slang word, it is used as casually as one. It is not rude in any way. Though you might want to choose another word if you’re speaking in a more formal setting. 

Digg can be used as both an adjective or a noun and derives from the verb digge, which means “enjoy” or “be a fan of ”.

You can use digg when you are describing an event. Or you can use it as a response to seeing or hearing something you like or agree with.

When should I use digg?

When you’re starving and the pizza delivery shows up. Digg!

When you hear a new song you like. Digg!

When your teacher pushes back the due date on the essay you haven’t finished. Digg!

Norwegian synonyms you can use in place of digg 

godt – good

kult – cool 

num – yum

deilig – nice 

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