Norwegian police shoot knife-wielding attacker dead in Oslo

Norwegian police said they shot and killed a man wielding a knife who threatened several people early Tuesday in central Oslo before attacking a patrol car that arrived on the scene.

Police rammed the attacker with their car before he was shot. Pictured is a police van driving through Oslo
Police rammed the attacker with their car before he was shot. Pictured is a police van driving through Oslo. Photo by David Hall on Flickr.

A man shot by police, after he threatened several people with a knife. has died. 

A policeman was also injured as the officers tried to arrest the attacker in the capital’s Bislett neighbourhood, police told a press conference.

No details about the identity of the attacker or his motive were disclosed.

“We’re not excluding any motives, but there is nothing at this stage that indicates this is a terror attack,” police inspector Egil Jorgen Brekke told reporters.

According to tabloid VG, the man was Russian and in his 30s, and had been sentenced to psychiatric care in December 2020 after stabbing a man in Oslo in 2019.

Footage posted by witnesses on social media and broadcast by Norwegiann media show the bare-chested suspect wielding a large knife on the pavement outside a shop.

A police car can be seen ramming the man into a building in a bid to stop him. The man then rushes the vehicle, opens the front passenger door and leans inside the car.

“Police tried to run him down as he was attempting to stab someone. He then attacked the police with a knife… and shots were fired,” the head of the police operation, Tore Solberg, told reporters at an improvised press conference at the scene aired on public broadcaster NRK.

The man was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries.

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Dane pleads guilty to killing five in knife attack in Norway

A Danish man pleaded guilty at his trial Wednesday to having stabbed five people to death and having fired arrows at others in an attack in Norway last year.

Dane pleads guilty to killing five in knife attack in Norway

Espen Andersen Brathen, a 38-year-old Dane living in Norway, allegedly used a bow and arrow inside and outside a supermarket before stabbing to death five other residents in the southeastern town of Kongsberg in October.

 Brathen entered the pleas when asked to respond to the charges of murder and attempted murder at the court in the town of Hokksund. “Everything, I admit everything,” he said, at the start of his trial.

While Norwegian police had initially suspected some kind of terror attack, they quickly believed it was the work of an unbalanced individual.

Brathen had been living for years in Kongsberg, home to about 25,000 people some 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of the capital Oslo, and authorities have said he has a medical history, although details have not been made public.

The Norwegian security services PST, which are responsible for counter-terrorism, also said the man had been on their radar.

He was arrested 35 minutes after the first reports of an attack and was swiftly moved to a medical institution.

Three experts who observed him concluded that the suspect was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Both the prosecution and the defence argued that he could not be held criminally responsible and advocated a psychiatric commitment rather than a prison sentence.

According to the prosecution, Brathen was armed with a bow, 60 arrows and four knives on the day of the attacks. His victims were four women and one man aged from 52 to 78.

The trial is scheduled to last until June 17, with a verdict expected in the following weeks.