Norwegian expression of the day: Hva er i veien?

Norwegian expression of the day: Hva er i veien?
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Having a bad day? Hva er i veien?

Why should I know this?

If someone asks you hva er i veien? it usually stems from concern or curiosity. It’s a request to give more details about a specific emotion, problem, or obstacle you may be having. 

What does it mean? 

When directly translated to English,  hva er i veien? means, “what is in the road?”. The  literal translation may be used if you are in a car, see something on the road, and ask, “what is in the road?” Though usually, hva er i veien? means “ what’s wrong?”. It is an expression that can be used in both casual conversation or in a professional settings. 

Your boss can notice a dip in your work performance and ask, hva er i veien? 

Your friend can see you wipe away tears and ask, hva er i veien?

Norwegian synonyms

Er det noe galt? Is there something wrong? 

Hva skjer? – What’s happening? / “What’s the matter?”

Use it like this

Hva er i veien med deg?What’s the matter with you?

Kan ikke du fortelle meg hva er i veien? – Can’t you tell me what’s wrong?

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