Norwegian phrase of the day: Å møte veggen

Norwegian phrase of the day: Å møte veggen
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This phrase will help you express yourself to your friends and collogues when times are tough.

Why do I need to know this expression?

Å møte veggen is a Norwegian expression commonly used when describing times of mental or emotional distress. Knowing this expression will be useful if you’re ever trying to explain to your boss or colleagues that you are experiencing symptoms of exhaustion.

It is also useful to know so you can understand if a local is trying to explain to you a stressful period in their life. 

The phrase “å møte veggen”  is used in both professional and personal settings as well as in the media. 

What does it mean?

Directly translated,  Å møte veggen means “to hit the wall”.  If you have experienced a high amount of stress for an extended period of time, then you may feel like you’ve hit a wall. Å møte veggen can describe physical exhaustion. Though it is most often used to describe mental exhaustion. If you tell someone you have hit the wall in Norwegian, then they will likely understand you need a rest and possibly time away to recharge. 

Norwegian synonyms

Utbrenthet – burned out 

Slitenhet – tiredness 

Use it like this 

Hvordan kan du vite at du nærmer deg å møte veggen? How do you know you’re getting close to hitting the wall?

Symptomene og tegnene på at du har møtt veggen – Symptoms and signs that you have hit the wall 

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