How many Covid fines have Norwegian police issued during the pandemic? 

How many Covid fines have Norwegian police issued during the pandemic? 
Police have dished out more than 700 fines during the pandemic. Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash
Figures have revealed how many fines police in Norway dished out to people breaking the coronavirus rules and where. 

Norwegian police have handed out more than 750 fines for Covid rule breaches since last March, according to figures recently obtained by radio station P4.

The figures from all of Norway’s police districts reveal that 762 fines have been given to rule breakers as of the end of June. 

Oslo police district have issued more fines than any other police force in Norway. Fines issued in Oslo accounted for nearly a third of all punishments handed out by authorities. 

So far, police in Oslo have penalised 217 people with fines.  

The authorities in Finnmark doled out the least fines, only issuing nine to those caught breaking pandemic restrictions. 

Coronavirus restrictions in Norway have been split into a mix of local and national restrictions and recommendations. The restrictions are enforceable, and recommendations are not. 

Fines in Norway can be issued to either businesses or individuals caught breaking either national or local restrictions. 

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Jan Nesland from Agder Police District, which issued the second most amount of fines during the pandemic, told P4 that the most common reason for punishments being handed out was people having too many guests at home. 

He also added that while people of all ages were caught breaking the rules, there was a greater proportion of fines given to younger people. 

If you refuse to pay your fine in Norway for whatever reason, the matter will be referred to the district court.

After that, the fine can be dropped, increased or upheld. Refusal to pay after this, if the punishment is increased or sustained, could lead to a prison sentence. 

Below you can see how many fines each police district in Norway have handed out. 

  • Oslo- 217 
  • Agder- 133 
  • Inland- 127 
  • East- 88 
  • Møre og Romsdal- 43 
  • Nordland- 31 
  • South-West- 31 
  • South-East- 30 
  • West- 24 
  • Trøndelag- 17 
  • Troms- 12 
  • Finnmark- 9 

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