Norwegian phrase of the day: Treffe spikeren på hodet

Norwegian phrase of the day: Treffe spikeren på hodet
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This phrase is useful when you want to tell your Norwegian friend you agree with them.

Why do I need to know treffe spikeren på hodet?

Treffe spikeren på hodet is a phrase commonly used in both professional and casual conversation. It is useful to know if you want to let the person you are speaking with know they are spot-on with what they are saying. 

What does it mean?

Treffe spikeren på hodet directly translated means, “hit the nail on the head”.

It is an expression commonly used to let someone know they have summarized a situation perfectly, or described exactly what is causing a problem in a concise and accurate manner.

Similar expressions in English to treffe spikeren på hodet are “spot-on” and “right on the nose”. 

Use it like this

Du sier ikke stort, men når du gjør det treffer du spikeren på hodet.  – “You don’t say a lot, but when you do, you hit the nail on the head”.

Den som sa det, traff spikerenhodet. – “Whoever said it, hit the nail on the head”. 

Similar phrases in Norwegian

sette fingeren på – “put a finger on”

peke på – “point out” 

In Nynorsk

treffe spikeren på hovudet 

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