LATEST: Who has to enter quarantine hotels when travelling to Norway? 

LATEST: Who has to enter quarantine hotels when travelling to Norway? 
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Norway has made a few big changes to its Covid-19 hotel quarantine rules. From a select few travellers skipping quarantine altogether, arrivals from certain countries being allowed to carry out quarantine at home, and whether vaccinated passengers need to go into a hotel, here's everything you need to know. 

Who has to quarantine in Norway? 

Norway has had some of the strictest entry restrictions in Europe for a while now. In addition to limiting entry to a very small group of people outside of foreign residents and citizens (list of exceptions here), the Nordic country also requires virtually all arrivals to undergo a quarantine period when entering the country. 

The quarantine period of ten days must be undertaken at either a quarantine hotel or another suitable location, typically at home.

There is an exemption from quarantine for arrivals from “yellow countries”. Under the Norwegian government’s Covid traffic light classification, those ranked yellow are deemed to have low enough infection rates to allow for safe travel to Norway.

Here is a list of yellow countries completely exempt from any entry quarantine. The list is assessed and updated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

You can see a complete list of those exempt from entry quarantine here. This also includes for example if you’re travelling to Norway to attend a funeral (but be aware that you will have to show a negative Covid-19 test), or long-haul truck drivers.

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Where will I have to quarantine?

Norway has said that all travellers from the UK, EEA and Schengen areas would not be forced into quarantine hotels if the country they arrive from has an incidence rate of less than 150 per 100,000 cases over 10 days and where the positivity rate of tests is under 4 percent. They can quarantine at their home address or the address they provide authorities.

Travellers from outside these areas or countries with an incidence rate higher than 150 per 100,000 will have to enter quarantine hotels, regardless of the nature of the trip. 

Norway’s quarantine hotel requirements. Source: Regjeringen

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To ensure that you won’t have to enter hotel quarantine, be sure to keep up to date with the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s list of countries that allow home quarantine

Will I need to go to a quarantine hotel if I have been vaccinated? 

Travellers who have been fully vaccinated in Norway or have tested positive and recovered from coronavirus in the past six months and can prove so via the Covid-19 certificate will no longer be subject to any entry quarantine from June 11th. This is provided they test negative for Covid-19 at either the border or within two days of their arrival. 

Arrivals who have received one jab, at least three weeks prior to their arrival, in Norway can quarantine at home, and then test themselves out of quarantine entirely on day three. 

Children under 12 will also be able to test themselves out of entry quarantine after three days.  

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Currently those vaccinated abroad will still need to enter quarantine hotels until the EU’s vaccine passport is up and running in July. 

The preliminary Covid-19 certificate. Source:

How long will I have to stay in a quarantine hotel? 

Depending on the country you arrive from and whether you test positive for Covid-19, you will be able to leave the hotel and continue the quarantine period at home after either three, seven or ten days. 

You will have to carry out the ten-day quarantine period whether you are at home or in a hotel. 

Arrivals from outside the EU, Schengen or UK will have to quarantine for a minimum of seven days. You will be able to leave the hotel after seven days if you test negative for coronavirus. 

Those arriving from within the EU, Schengen or UK on the list of countries with a high incidence rate, in most cases, will have to spend a minimum of three days in a hotel before testing themselves out. 

You can see a list of countries where arrivals can test themselves out of the hotels after three days here.  

How much does the hotel cost? 

Individuals who stay in a quarantine hotel will have to pay a fee of 500 kroner per day. The fee for children aged between 10-18 is 250 kroner a day.

There is no fee required for children under ten staying in the same room as their parents. 

Testing is free and is provided by the municipality where the hotel is based. 

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