Oslo police warn public to stay off frozen fjord

Oslo police warn public to stay off frozen fjord
Image: Erin McKenna/Unsplash
After many people ventured onto the icy Oslo Fjord this weekend, police have warned the public against skating and walking on frozen waterways.

The Oslo Fjord ice is unstable in several areas and seven people fell through it into the water during the weekend, broadcaster NRK reported.

“It is ice cold in the water now. If you fall through the ice it is dangerous,” Oslo Police operations leader Christer Martinsen told NRK.

A large number of people are reported to have congregated at the Sørenga, Kadettangen, Kalvøya and Sandvika locations.

All of the persons who fell through the ice are accounted for and no injuries have been reported.

But police have now asked the public to stay off all ice on the inner Oslo Fjord.

In a tweet, Oslo Police ordered the public to “stay off the ice in unsafe areas and outside of marked zones”.

“If you go on the ice now, you must know what you are doing. There have been enough examples over the years of people who have lost their lives this way,” Martinsen told NRK.

“Not everyone has safety equipment or the right knowledge to walk on the ice. Water can bever be completely safe. You would have to verify that you are on safe ground with drilling equipment and the like,” the officer also said.

“We fully understand that it is tempting to go out on the ice, but you must know what you are doing. You have a personal responsibility,” Marinsen said.

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