Norway’s roaming kangaroo is back in captivity

Norway’s roaming kangaroo is back in captivity
A photo of a different kangaroo. Photo: Suzuha Kozuki on Unsplash
An escaped kangaroo on the island of Karmøy has been captured after more than two months on the bounce.

The animal broke free from Haugeland Zoo in May and its escapades in freedom have caused consternation on Karmøy, including at a kindergarten where it was reported to be using the childcare facility’s outdoor premises as a toilet.

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But its weeks of wandering are now at an end, Radio Haugeland and VG report.

It was finally brought to heel on Sunday via a tranquilising dart to the thigh, the local outlet reported.

“That made it easier to catch it. We transported it back to the zoo,” veterinarian Tore Hausken told Radio Haugeland.

The owner of the zoo, Bernt Kai Velde, confirmed to VG the animal’s return but declined to comment further.

The newspaper writes that a local school, Torvastad, encountered the kangaroo in May during a day out — just after the children had covered Australia in class.

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