Surprise! Norway cheaper for clothes than one EU country

Surprise! Norway cheaper for clothes than one EU country
Norway was also pricey back in 2010 when this photo was taken. Photo: Jeff/Flickr
Style-conscious Norwegians can breathe easy. According to the EU's statistics agency, the country was last year a cheaper place to buy clothes than a country in the European Union.
According to the agency's recent report, Norway's neighbour Denmark was in 2019 a little pricier, with clothes in the country 32 percent above the EU average compared to just 23 above in Norway.   
It should come as no surprise, however, that Norway remains more expensive than any European Union overall. 
Prices in Norway were above any EU country for all of the other five of the six categories measured in the report,  which were food and non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks and tobacco, clothing, consumer electronics, personal transport, and restaurants and hotels. 
Overall good in Norway were 50% more expensive than the average among member states, according to new data, the the price difference was most extreme in the alcoholic drinks category, where Norway was more than twice as expensive as average. 
Only Norway's fellow EFTA members, Switzerland and Iceland were more expensive overall, with prices respectively 62% and 54% more expensive than the EU average. 
Denmark was the most expensive country in the European Union, at 41% more expensive, followed by Ireland and Finland, which were respectively 34% and 27% more expensive. 
In the European Union, the lowest price levels were found in Bulgaria (53%) and Romania (55%). 

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