Who still needs to go into quarantine in Norway?

On Monday, Norway is relaxing its quarantine requirements for business travellers and some people who have been in close contact with a Covid-19 cases. Here are the new rules.

Who still needs to go into quarantine in Norway?
People in home isolation are allowed to go out onto their balcony but not to leave their home. Photo: Simon Law/Flickr

What is quarantine in Norway? 

Those quarantined in Norway must stay at home or in another place (such as a hotel) where they can remain isolated for ten days. You should not travel, or use public transport. 

If absolutely necessary, you can go to a pharmacy or supermarket, but you must do your utmost to avoid contact with others and maintain a minimum one metre distance. 

You can also go for a walk so long as you keep your distance from others.

Who no longer has to go into quarantine in Norway from Monday? 

After Monday, new quarantine rules mean that those who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive with coronavirus will no longer necessarily need to go into quarantine if they do not live with the person or do not have a “similarly close relationship”. 

Instead, those who have been in close contact will be tested for the virus on the third and seventh day after they have been in contact. 

Business travellers arriving in or returning to Norway from a Nordic country will also no longer need to go into quarantine. 

Who was already exempted from the need to go into travel quarantine? 

International workers tasked with carrying out “socially critical tasks in Norway” have always been exempted, as have cross-border commuters travelling regularly from or to Sweden or Finland, and those visiting a child in Norway as part of agreed visitation rights. 
Who was already exempted from the need to go into transmission quarantine? 
On-duty personnel in the healthcare services, people working for the police, fire and rescue services, and the top management of critical social functions are all exempt from all quarantine. 

Who still needs to be in quarantine in Norway? 

Anyone else who returns to Norway from travelling abroad, and anyone who lives with a person who tests positive for the virus or who has a “similarly close relationship”. 

Who needs to be tested because of close contact with a coronavirus case? 

The health authorities will work together with the person diagnosed to identify who has been in close contact with them, who needs to quarantine and who needs to be tested. 

Those ordered to tested would probably any person who is not in the person's household who has been with two metres or closer to them for 15 minutes or more from two days before their symptoms appear, anyone who has hugged or shaken hands with the person, and anyone who has been in contact with the person's saliva, sweat, snot, mucus or tears. 

Do I need to go into quarantine if I experience symptoms which might be coronavirus? 

No. You need to go into self-isolation until 24 hours after the symptoms disappear.  

What do I need to do if I am confirmed as having coronavirus? 

If you test positive, you need to go into home isolation until three days after you are completely health and at least eight days after you became ill. 

You need to keep at least a metre's distance from those you live wit and if possible have your own room and bathroom. You cannot leave your home (apart from the garden or balcony). 




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