Here’s where each of Norway’s Michelin restaurants are located

Norway has four new Michelin-starred restaurants after the new Nordic Countries Guide 2020 was announced on Monday.

Here’s where each of Norway’s Michelin restaurants are located
Restaurant Under. Photo: Ivar Kvaal/Visit Norway

Meanwhile, Stavanger favourite Re-Naa grabbed a second star and Maaemo, arguably the country’s most famous restaurant, lost all three of its stars due to a relocation, Hotellmagasinet reported.

The annual awards, announced on Monday evening at a special launch event at the Olavshallen Concert Hall in Trondheim, are considered to have been an overall success for the Scandinavian country’s fine dining scene, with four of the seven newly-starred restaurants located in Norway.

All of the restaurants which had a single Michelin star in the previous edition of the guide held on to those stars in the 2020 version.

The Michelin Nordic Countries Guide 2020 encompasses Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

You can see the location of the Norwegian restaurants in the map below. 4 of the 11 are located in Oslo.

Meanwhile, a member of parliament has stoked social media reaction in Norway by calling press coverage of the Michelin awards “elitist” and saying that “food on sticks” was “not really my thing”.

Geir Pollestad of the agrarian Centre Party boiled tempers by writing a Facebook post in which he criticized Norwegian news bureau NTB for using a ‘breaking news’ alert to report new Michelin stars as they were awarded.

“This is such big news that NTB finds it necessary to send a ‘breaking’ alert… a good illustration on the centralized or elitist powers’ view of what is important and the era of snobbery,” Pollestad wrote.

“The vast majority of people in Norway associate Michelin with tyres and will never eat a single Michelin star,” he added.

That provoked a significant degree of pushback against the centrist MP, including from parliamentary colleagues.

“Geir Pollestad is ridiculing a great victory for Norwegian food. That is very sad and strange,” Minister of Agriculture and Food Olaug Bollestad told NTB in a written comment.

What is your view?

Are the Michelin restaurants Norway’s best or the most elitist? Let us know your thoughts below. We’ll include the best responses in an upcoming article.


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Where are Norway’s Michelin star restaurants?

Norway is home to four new Michelin-starred restaurants following the recent publication of the Nordic Countries Guide for 2022. These are all the Norwegian restaurants to receive a star in the Michelin Guide. 

Where are Norway’s Michelin star restaurants?

Four new Norwegian restaurants received Michelin stars when the Nordic Countries Guide for 2022 was published this week. 

Scandinavia’s cooking elite gathered in Stavanger on Monday to award this year’s stars and individual honours for chefs in the Nordics. 

Three of the new stars awarded were given to restaurants in Oslo, while the other star was given to an eatery in Bergen, taking the number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the city on Norway’s west coast to two. 

One of the newcomers, Hot Shop, named after the former sex shop the building used to house, is located on Københavngata street in east Oslo. The canteen-style bistro serves tasting menus based on seasonal, local ingredients, which the Michelin Guide describes as “elegant, vibrant and technically adept, with delicate touches and real depth of flavour”. 

Schlägergården in Lilleaker, on the eastern outskirts of Oslo, was also awarded its first star. However, it was the fourth time restaurant manager Bjørn Svensson had received a star for one of his restaurants. The restaurant is in a converted 18th-century farmhouse with a set menu consisting of local produce, some foraged, grown, or preserved by the eatery’s staff. 

Michelin describes the food there as “pure, expertly crafted dishes which have bold, emotive flavours”.

Located right on the border of Grünerløkka and St. Hanshaugen in central Oslo is Hyde, the third restaurant in the capital to receive its first Michelin star this year. The guide credits the service and “laid-back, lively atmosphere” as major pulls for the restaurants.

Over on Norway’s west coast, Lysverket in Bergen was awarded a Michelin star. The eatery serves up creative, modern takes on Norwegian dishes accompanied by craft cocktails. The restaurant is housed in an art museum with the menus showcasing “intelligently crafted, balanced dishes”. 

The other restaurant in Oslo, boasting a glowing review from the Michelin guide, was Maaemo, which retained its three Michelin star status. The new Nordic cuisine behemoth focused on organic and biodynamic produce is located in the heart of Oslo on Dronning Eufamas gate street.

A few other chefs and restaurants received accolades at this year’s presentation. Heidi Bjerkan took home two awards, the first for excellent service at her sustainable Michelin-starred restaurant Credo. One of her other restaurants, Jossa Mat og Drikke, won a green star, given to eatery’s that excel in sustainable operations. 

A Norwegian, Jimmy Øien, scooped the award for the best young chef. Øien is the chef at Rest located on Kirkegat in Central Oslo and holds a green star for sustainable practices. The menu heavily emphasises using imperfect produce, which other places may otherwise discard. 

Several restaurants also retained their status. Renaa, with its kitchen located in the heart of the restaurant, has two Michelin stars and is commended by the guide for the quality of its Norwegian seafood dishes and the bread it produces at a nearby bakery. 

The 2022 guide also includes Kontrast (Oslo), Statholdergaarden (Oslo) , Under (Lindesnes), the biggest underwater restaurant in the world, Sabi Omakase (Stavanger), Bare (Bergen), FAGN (Trondheim), Credo (Trondheim) and Speilsalen (Trondheim), which all have one Michelin star.