Norwegian expression of the day: Som plommen i egget

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Norwegian expression of the day: Som plommen i egget
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Why, to Norwegians, is nothing more ideal than egg yolk?


What does it mean?

Som plommen i egget directly translates to ‘like the yolk in the egg’, but it’s actually a way of saying that something is ‘perfect’, ‘ideal’ or a ‘great fit’.

Hmm.. OK?

Fair enough, this one probably requires some explaining.

Whereas Norwegians rarely question the origins of the expression -- to us, the ideal situation is actually that of an egg yolk -- it comes from the idea that a yolk contains all the necessary nutrients a chick needs to grow.

So, you could also say ‘like an embryo in a uterus’?

It probably has the same symbolic meaning, but you really shouldn't because Norwegians would find you pretty odd - and maybe also discriminatory towards pregnant women.


There's another option that means the same and is just as frequently used, ha det som fisken i vannet -- 'having it like the fish in the ocean'.

How do I use it?

You can use it as a way of being polite.

Let's say you've been invited to a Norwegian's home (score!) and when you get there, they ask if you're feeling a bit chilly. You may respond:

Neida, jeg har det som plommen i egget! -- 'Nope, I'm feeling like the yolk in an egg!'  -- which really means that you find the temperature just right.

It's also a great way of complimenting someone.

Let's do the apartment thing again (Norwegians are crazy about their homes). Imagine that you're seeing someone's flat for the first time - wait, no, for the first time since they decorated.

Now, a great way of complimenting their newly refurbished wooden home would be to say:

Her har dere det virkelig som plommen i egget. -- 'You really have it like the yolk in an egg here."

Meaning: it's just perfect.



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