Norwegian parents less impressed by schools in 2019

A new survey has revealed parents in Norway to have increased misgivings about the country’s schools.

Norwegian parents less impressed by schools in 2019
A file photo of a school in Norway. Photo: Tarkus/Depositphotos

Overall opinions on both primary and further education are less positive than they were last year, according to the survey, which was carried out by Norstat on behalf of EPSI Norge and reported by VG.

Primary schools received a score of 65.8 out of 100 in the survey, compared to 70.1 in 2018.

For secondary schools, the score was 70.3 in 2018, a drop from 73.5 last year.

A score of 75 is considered to indicate high overall satisfaction.

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Parents were also less pleased with further education, scoring these institutions 68.8, compared to 72.9 last year.

Social environments at these schools have got worse since last year, according to the survey responses.

Students themselves were more positive. Further education students scored their schools at 72.4, compared to 69.6 last year.

The students were more positive than their parents in their views of teachers and social environments at their schools.

They rated facilities and equipment lower than parents did, however.

But students at universities were less satisfied than they were last year.

In the childcare sector, parents with children in private childcare were most satisfied.

Municipal daycare facilities received a score of 75.2 and private daycare 80.6. That continues the trend of private institutions dating better in the survey each year since 2010.

Areas including food, activities and trips were those where private daycare was rated particularly higher than the municipal form.

The overall score for daycare was 78, lower than both 2018 (78.8) and 2017 (79.5), but still above the level for high satisfaction.

Almost 1,300 people were interviewed for the survey, which was carried out in November.

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Have you say on education in Norway in our readers survey. Pictured is a classroom setting.
Have you say on education in Norway in our readers survey. Pictured is a classroom setting. Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Maybe you’re a parent who’s moved to Norway, or you’ve had a child here. Whatever the case, we’re interested in finding out what you think about the school system.

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