Suspicious package in Oslo car was not dangerous: police

Suspicious package in Oslo car was not dangerous: police
An illustration photo showing cars parked on an Oslo street. File photo: AFP
Police barriers have been lifted after a suspicious package found in a car in Oslo was found not to be dangerous.

The package was reported to police earlier this afternoon after being spotted in a car in the Tåsen area of the city, NTB reports.

Police barriers in the area have now been lifted.

Just after 4pm on Monday, police confirmed that bomb experts had assessed the objet and concluded it was not dangerous.

That came around two hours after an alert was raised by a passer-by who was concerned about the suspicious appearance of an object in a car parked on Pastor Fangens vei.

“A patrol was sent out to check and discovered something in the car which we do not wish to release further details of at this time. But a bomb disposal team is at the scene,” operation leader Line Skott of Oslo Police told NTB.

An area of around 200 metres’ radius from the car was cordoned off and residents in the area were sent SMS messages by police advising them of the situation.

Skott said around 1,800 people live in the area in question, but added she could not say how many were in the area at the time of evacuation.

Police also confirmed via Twitter the investigation of the car and subsequent lifting of the cordon.

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