Why Oslo is one of the ‘best cities in Europe’ for single people

Why Oslo is one of the 'best cities in Europe' for single people
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Norwegian capital Oslo has been ranked third in a list of the 50 best cities in Europe for singles in 2019.

The highest proportion (52.9 percent) of single-person households in Europe was recorded in the Norwegian capital, while residents of Norway are amongst the top users of dating apps in Europe, with 31 percent of people in Oslo saying they use dating apps, according to Statista figures.

That adds up to make Oslo one of the cities where you’ll have the best chances of finding love — or at least a date for the evening, according to global travel site Big 7 Travel, which put together the list of the best towns in Europe to be unattached.

Using data from Eurostat, individual country census statistics, dating app usage data and a survey of singles across Europe, the company came up with an overall analysis of which cities are best for dating and enjoying single life.

Specifically, the ranking draws on the highest usage rate of dating apps Tinder and Badoo; the population of single people per capita according to Eurostat; app data and subjective votes given by survey participants.

Additionally, the overall population of cities was included as a factor in the measure: you don’t want a date where you’ll bump into the person the next day, the travel company reasons.

Bearing that in mind, Oslo – with its relatively small population size of 670,000 (or 1 million for its greater urban area) – performed well in the other categories to finish so high on the list.

Oslo was not the highest-ranking Nordic city on the list, with Swedish capital Stockholm taking the title of number 1 city to be single. Madrid was second.

London, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Oxford, Tallinn and Limerick completed the top 10.

One other Norwegian destination made the top 50: Bergen came in 49th place, between UK city Birmingham and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

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