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Norwegian newspapers react in shock to Trump win

Norwegian newspapers on Wednesday expressed fear that America's new president Donald Trump will cause problems for Norway.

Norwegian newspapers react in shock to Trump win
Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Photo: MANDEL NGAN/SCANPIX
“We believe that with Trump as president, we are more likely to get more, and more dangerous, conflicts in the world. Trump is not a man we need in the world's most important job,” Dagbladet wrote in its editorial the day after the US election.
The newspaper thinks Trump is dangerous because he is “ignorant, revolutionary and impulsive.” Dagbladet classified him as “a narcissistic bully, who is more concerned with himself than what is good for his surroundings.”
Dagbladet pointed that the nuclear threat from North Korea and China's expansion into the South China Sea and expressed fears that Trump will aggravate the situations. Other global problems could be worsened by Trump, it said. 
“We can name Syria, which requires diplomacy, and Iran, where Trump has threatened to rip the nuclear agreement into tatters. We fear that Trump could easily become part of the problem and not the solution in all of these serious issues,” Dagbladet wrote.
The newspaper also pointed out that the next president of the United States has argued that global warming is a Chinese conspiracy and honed in on his lack of experience.
“Trump has no experience, and little understanding, of a world that is much larger than his business,” it said.
Aftenposten also warned against the dangers of Trump. The newspaper wrote in its editorial that Trump's electoral victory should be seen as a warning to other countries.
“After Brexit, and especially Trump’s win, everything seems possible now. No one can any longer say with certainty that Le Pen can not be France's next president after the elections next spring,” it wrote. 
VG also addressed the challenges of a Trump presidency but also said he must be given a chance.
“Our politicians must deal with Trump. Their main job now is to safeguard Norwegian interests. The hope now must be that Trump takes on responsibility,” its editorial stated. 
Business daily Dagens Næringsliv was also critical of the new US president and questioned how his promises could possibly bear fruit. 
“One would be hard pressed to find economists who think protectionism of the Trump type will create growth and jobs. Close to all models point in the opposite direction,” the newspaper said in its editorial.
Like other papers, Dagens Næringsliv also expressed concerns about Trumps lack of experience in politics.
“When a political novice with unstable temperament has the world's largest military power at his disposal, it can create nervous twitches here and there,” it wrote. 
“Trump will be greeted with deep distrust, perhaps even hatred, by many of his countrymen. Many of these will be among the best educated, resourceful and articulate part of the population,” Dagens Næringsliv continued.