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Tranquil island Hvar is Croatia’s top sports destination in 2019

Tranquil island Hvar is Croatia's top sports destination in 2019
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While Northern Europe is still in the midst of winter, warm and sunny Hvar offers respite from the cold dark days.

Sun, sea…and Swedish sports? 

The city of Hvar is proud to host the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series, a new endurance sport originating from Sweden where teams of two alternate between running and swimming. 

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This extremely challenging endurance discipline is based on intermittent running and swimming for 45 to 75 kilometres. It attracts over 400 competitors to Hvar. The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Hvar will be held April 6th -7th with perfect swim-run temperatures between 15 – 17 degrees in the water and 20 degrees in the air.

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Two races pass through the historical center of the city, the protected landscape of the Pakleni islands and the peninsula Pelegrin. Competitors will pass by the historic ruins of Illyrian, the Roman villas. They’ll course their way through old villages via olive groves, vineyards and fields of lavender. Absorbing the abundant beauty, nature and culture Hvar offers.

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Swimming in the pristine sea water is an experience for all the senses — scenic, soothing and supporting, take a therapeutic dip and recharge.

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The surrounding hills and islands are full of surprises. The hilly terrain offers fantastic hiking trails through the rosemary, wild asparagus and blooming spring flowers. You travel through time with old ruins, ancient olive groves and stone walls around you.


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In some places you'll discover an old abandoned village, in others you’ll be enticed in to a quaint little restaurant by the tempting aromas of home-made cooking. The regional wines are superb. Did you know that the local Plavac grape is the mother of Syrah/Zinfandel?

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In every direction you look there is the omnipresent sea. The higher you get on the main island, the more awesome the vista becomes.

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The City of Hvar celebrated 150 years of organised tourism. In this spectacular nature the town of Hvar is perfectly nestled in a protected bay. The antique buildings, the limestone, the history, the hills around you, the fort, the main square, the cafés and the warm welcome of the people brings you in to its fold. You may not be able to bring yourself to leave! 

Whether you want to experience raw unspoilt nature, partake in a little sporting adventure or simply recharge your batteries, Hvar is the perfect location.

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