‘Pray for rain’: Church of Norway after weeks of dry weather

The Church of Norway on Tuesday encouraged its members to ‘pray for rain’, so unusually dry has the weather been in recent weeks.

'Pray for rain': Church of Norway after weeks of dry weather
A church in Oslo on June 4th. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The request to Christians was made on the Church of Norway’s official Facebook page and was originally reported by newspaper VG.

Though many in the Scandinavian country have enjoyed exceptionally warm weather in recent weeks – last month was the warmest May in Norway for 100 years – there have also been downsides, with emergency services battling forest fires and farmers suffering as a result of the dry conditions.

That appears to have given Norway’s church cause to appeal for divine intervention.

“May was a record warm month in many parts of Norway. It is now so dry in many fields that corn and vegetable crops are at risk. Lord, we pray for rain! Thank you for caring for us,” the church wrote in the Facebook post, quoting a prayer given at Langhus Church in Akershus county.

Ingeborg Dybvig, director of communications with the Church of Norway, told VG that the prayer had come from a member of the Akershus church’s congregation.

“The Church of Norway has a webpage where people can send in prayers or light candles. This prayer was submitted to the site, and comes from a person who goes to Langhus Church,” Dybvig explained.

Prayers submitted online are randomly selected to be shared on social media, the communications director added, although in this case the warm weather gave good reason to pick out the prayer in question.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute forecasts possible rain in the form of showers this Sunday, according to VG’s report.

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