Norway to see ‘May weather’ this weekend after cold start to spring

Norway to see 'May weather' this weekend after cold start to spring
Spring weather in Oslo in 2015. File photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix
Southern Norway will enjoy spring-like weather this weekend, although the north of the country will remain dreary.

A cold start to the spring appears to be coming to an end in southern parts of Norway.

Weather this weekend is expected to bring warmer patterns to the Scandinavian country, VG reports.

“The situation is that a high pressure area will come from the south and gradually arrive over southern Norway over the weekend. That will gradually spread further and further across southern Norway, but how far north it will reach is uncertain,” StormGeo meteorologist Beathe Tveita told VG.

The high pressure will result in good weather and warm temperatures in the south of the country, according to the forecast.

“It will not be a very a high temperature, but could well reach 15 degrees, and looks like it will last a few days, possible all of next week,” Tveita continued.

Norway’s north will, on the other hand, have to brace itself for unseasonably poor weather, with a low-pressure zone coming in from Sunday onwards.

That could result in gale force winds in the Lofoten region and strong winds in the Nord-Vestlandet and Troms areas, according to VG’s report.

But air temperatures in the low-pressure front will be mild, with temperatures as high as 15 degrees and likely rainfall in mountain areas.

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