VIDEO: See ice shatter into crystals on Norwegian lake

VIDEO: See ice shatter into crystals on Norwegian lake
The ice formed shards of 5cm in length. Photo: Screen grab/Olden Camping Gytri,
The late onset of spring in Norway has brought one advantage at least. A campsite owner caught this stunning video of ice crystals melting in the idyllic Oldevatnet lake.
“I was measuring the fence at the campsite when I heard a sound a little like glass being broken,” Kristin Sveum told Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.  When she went to find out what was happening she saw that the ice on the lake was melting so fast, that it was causing the ice to shatter into millions of tiny shards. 
“All the crystals were completely white and almost identical, all about 5cm long,” Sveum said. “I have never seen anything like it. Normally, the ice breaks into large ice sheets. It was amazingly beautiful and fascinating to watch.”  
When she posted the video on the Facebook page for her campsite, Olden Camping Gytri, it quickly spread to more than 30,000 people. 
Watch it hear, and remember to turn the volume on for the full experience.