Norway left a little shaken by rare earthquake

People in the Bergen area felt an unusual sensation this morning – an earthquake reaching 3.8 on the Richter scale.

Norway left a little shaken by rare earthquake
Photo: darrenw/Depositphotos

The epicentre of the Norwegian quake was registered at just west of the Øygarden island group in the south west of the Scandinavian country, reports newspaper Bergens Tidende.

The earthquake, recorded at 9:46am on Tuesday, measured in at a strength of 3.8 according to the Richter scale, according to the newspaper’s report.

According to the scale, a rating of 3.8 puts the quake at the upper end of the ‘minor’ rating, meaning it is unlikely to cause damage but can be felt by people as well as cause indoor objects to shake.

“This is a quake that can easily be felt,” senior engineer Berit Storheim of the University of Bergen’s Department of Earth Science told VG.

Earthquakes strong enough to be noticed are unusual in Norway, the engineer added.

“In Norwegian terms, this doesn’t happen often. It has probably been ten years since there was such a strong earthquake in Norway. We have received reports of it being felt over a large area,” she said.

Øygarden resident Natalie Turøy told Bergens Tidende that she was at home when the earthquake hit.

“The whole house shook. I have a baby who was sleeping, and he woke up and started laughing,” Turøy said.

“There was a fair bit of shaking, and I soon realised it was an earthquake,” she added.

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