Wanted: Norwegians willing to have sex on TV

National broadcaster NRK’s P3 channel will be debuting a show in November aimed at giving teenagers a healthier relationship with their own bodies and sexual desires.

Wanted: Norwegians willing to have sex on TV
The programme aims to give teenage girls more realistic expectations when it comes to sex and their own bodies. Photo: OneInchPunch/Depositph
The programme, ‘Line fikser kroppen’ (Line fixes her body), will feature host Line Elvsåshagen taking on issues like body positivity and unrealistic expectations for sex. 
Elvsåshagen recently starred in the reality TV show ‘Line dater Norge’ (Line dates Norway), in which she travelled across the country in search of the perfect man, with help from her 130,000-plus followers on Instagram
P3’s editorial director said the new Elvsåshagen programme will offer a counter narrative to the way sex and the female body are portrayed in porn. 
“Just showing surgically-enhanced bodies and overly-choreagrophed sex creates false hopes and misperceptions. We hope that by showing sex in its entirety, rather than just merely as penetration, we can provide the target group with the right approach,” Håkon Moslet. 
This will be done in part by showing regular people having actual sex. 
As part of P3’s attempt to reach its target group of 17-year-old girls, the channel has been searching for couples who are willing to engage in intimate acts in front of the rolling cameras. 
“The idea is not to show sexual organs in action but rather to move away from a glorified image and show that sex is a nice and intimate situation that can often be a bit clumsy without being dangerous,” Elvsåshagen said. 
P3 has been reaching out to blogs and hanging posters throughout the country in an effort to recruit couples willing to have sex for the show. Moslet said that there have already been a number of couples expressing their willingness to participate. 
Norwegian television has a history of approaching sex in a straightforward manner that would be unthinkable in other parts of the world. The children’s science programme ‘Newton’ received international attention in 2015 after Facebook censored a clip showing presenter Line Jansrud drawing female sexual organs on the naked body of her assistant. 
Other episodes of the popular programme’s series on puberty featured Jansrud demonstrating how to use half a tomato to practice kissing and using rubber models to show how masturbation and penetrative sex work. 
Even the wildly popular Norwegian TV series Skam faced initial resistance from foreign buyers who were put off by the show’s frank approach to sex and excessive drinking. 


Danish ‘Skam’ fans invade Oslo school in hopes of seeing stars

Just how popular is the Norwegian youth series ‘Skam’ in Denmark? Enough that the Hartvig Nissen school in Oslo that serves as the show’s setting has been overrun by Danish fans.

Danish 'Skam' fans invade Oslo school in hopes of seeing stars
Danish fans go to the school hoping to see Chris (Ina Svenningsdal), Eva (Lisa Teige), Sana (Iman Meskini) Vilde (Ulrikke Falch) or Noora (Josefine Frida Pettersen). Photo: NRK
The school has had so many Danish fans come to the school to get a first-hand experience of the show that it has had to take measures to keep the unwanted tourists out. 
Denmark’s Radio24syv reported that there have been several instances of Danish fans going on a ‘Skam’ safari and parking themselves outside the school’s classrooms in hopes of meeting actors from the series. 
“Teachers have been instructed that if they see unauthorized people in the building, they should politely ask them to leave,” the school’s headmaster, Hanna Norum Eliassen, told the Danish radio station. 
“We try to get things to function normal here every day and it is a bit unfortunate when our students leave their classroom and run into Danish tourists,” she added. 
Eliassen said there have been “several incidents” in which “a handful of Danes” have lurked outside one of the classrooms hoping to see actors from the popular series. Sometimes it happens multiple times per week. 
’Skam’ has been incredibly popular in the other Nordic nations, but has particularly struck a chord with Danes. Thus far, they are the only ones to frequently appear at the school. 
“I ran into a single Swede but 90 percent of those we have met over the past year have been from Denmark. They have taken the Oslo boat, which we call the ‘Danes’ boat’, and ‘Skam’ is the recent for their visit, Eliassen told Radio24syv. 
The headmaster said the show’s success has been a double-edged sword. 
“We think it's nice that ‘Skam’ has been a success in Denmark, but we try to avoid people going into our building,” she said. 
Although she said there have not been any unpleasant incidents involving the Danish fans, the school has now decided to not let them in during school hours. 
It was recently announced that ‘Skam’ would return for a fourth season in the spring. An American remake is also in the works