Charges filed over vandalism of Norway’s ‘Troll’s Penis’ rock

Charges filed over vandalism of Norway’s ‘Troll's Penis’ rock
Workers restored the troll's penis to its full glory. Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix
At least one person has been charged with vandalism for lopping off Norway’s “troll penis” rock last month.
The phallic-looking rock formation Trollpikken ('troll's penis' is a polite, conservative translation) was discovered at the foot of its usual position on June 24th, with grooves in the rock that pointed to an act of vandalism.
The naughty-looking protuberance was re-erected in all of its glory earlier this month in a restoration project financed through crowdfunding. 
On Friday, police confirmed that at least one man has been charged in the incident but did not release further details. 
“We have no new information that we want to come out with at this time,” police attorney Christina Nessa said. 
The accused man’s lawyer, Arvid Sjødin, told broadcaster NRK that his client did not wish to comment on his alleged assault on the rock’s ‘manhood’. 
If the suspect was offended by the shape of the rock, his plans may have backfired. The vandalism incident appears to have increased Trollpikken’s popularity. Now that the troll is back to his rock-hard self, some 10,000 people have come by to take a gander. 
Tourist officials say they are excited about their big plans to bring even more attention to the rock phallus, which is located Kjervall and Veshova in Eigersund Municipality. 
“There is some talk of guided tours. For Asian tourists, fresh running water that one can drink and the fresh air and pure nature are very exotic,” Region Stavanger tourism director Elisabeth Saupstad told NRK. 
“And the area also has a long history of witch burnings and more,” she added.