Summer is here: 30 degrees in Norway this week

Large parts of southern and western Norway will enjoy temperatures of up to 30°C (86°F) on Wednesday and Thursday.

Summer is here: 30 degrees in Norway this week
File photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Norway has seen a relatively cold summer this year, with low temperatures during July and records for rainfall set in June.

But a heatwave is expected in the Western Norway region this week, with temperatures reaching up to 30°C.

“We are heading for a better period, particularly in terms of temperature. Large areas of Western Norway will see 26 degrees [78°F] or more tomorrow, and in some places it will probably reach as much as 30 degrees,” meteorologist Ida Fossli of the Norwegian Meteorological institute told NRK.

The Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane, and Møre og Romsdal counties are expected to enjoy the best of Wednesday and Thursday’s weather, but areas further south and east will also experience pleasant temperatures.

“Rogaland and Southern Norway will receive some cloudy weather Thursday evening and there may be a little rain. That will reach Eastern Norway on Friday,” Fossli said.

In the central Trøndelag region and north of the country, clouds and rain on Wednesday are also likely to give way to drier and warmer weather Thursday, the meteorologist added.

While Friday will also be warm in the south of the country, temperatures are expected to be cooler than on Thursday.

“The fine weather will continue into the weekend, but temperatures will be a bit lower. Saturday will be the best day for the country overall. But in Southern Norway there may be rain in some places,” Fossli told NRK.

People hoping to enjoy the sunshine weather may want make the most of the next few days, with unstable weather expected to return next week.

“It looks as though it will be more unstable again next week, with some rain and the same type of weather we’ve had lately. We may as well enjoy the days we’re going to get,” Fossli said.

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Partial lunar eclipse to be visible over parts of Norway

People in parts of Norway may be able to witness a partial lunar eclipse on Friday. 

Pictured is a lunar eclipse
Friday will see a partial lunar eclipse over Norway. Pictured is a lunar eclipse. Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash

On Friday morning, the sun, the earth and the moon will align, causing a partial lunar eclipse. Friday’s celestial showcase will be an almost total lunar eclipse, with only a tiny part of the moon not ending up in the earth’s shadow. 

The eclipse will be most visible at 10:03am, when 98 percent of the moon will be in shadow. 

The moon will take on a reddish tinge as sunlight that passes through the earth’s atmosphere will be refracted back onto the moon. 

People in the north of Norway will have the best eclipse experience because the moon doesn’t go down until later in the morning at higher latitudes. The weather will also be better further north, according to forecasts. 

Residents of east and west Norway hoping for a show may have their views hindered by clouds. 

“If you are lucky, you’ll be able to see it from several parts of the country,” Randveig Eikhild from the Meteorological Institute told public broadcaster NRK

The best place to see the eclipse will be somewhere with a good clear view of the horizon, without mountains, hills or buildings in the way. 

For those in the south, where the view may not be the best due to the brighter mornings, there’s another celestial event on Friday that they will be able to witness. 

Once the sun goes down, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the night sky and very close together. Saturn won’t be visible from the north, however. 

“Jupiter and Saturn are quite close to each other and are beautiful in the fall. However, they are not always as close as they are now. It can be a very nice sight,” Pål Brekke, from the Norwegian Space Centre, explained to NRK.