‘Troll’s Penis’ to be re-erected in Norway

'Troll's Penis' to be re-erected in Norway
Photo: Carina Johansen/NTB Scanpix
Norwegians have come out en masse to raise nearly 20,000 euros to repair an eye-catching penis-shaped rock formation apparently knocked down by vandals, an online collection showed on Monday.

The formation, which local guides had planned to make a tourist destination, is known as “Trollpikken”, or “The Troll's Penis” in a very conservative translation.

Hikers in southwestern Norway's Rogaland county on Saturday found the massive rock sectioned off, lying on the ground at the base of the rock face from which it had protruded.

Media accounts of the damage showed traces of drilling on the geological formation. Police have launched an inquiry into potential vandalism.

The rock formation in all its glory prior to the suspected vandalism. Photo: Ingve Aalbu/NTB scanpix

A local entrepreneur has launched an online collection to raise money to put the pieces back together.

By Monday, almost 1,000 donors had responded to the appeal entitled “The Troll's Penis Will Be Re-Erected”, raising more than 160,000 kroner (17,000 euros; $19,000).

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