Norwegian customs get a Kinder surprise

When customs officials at Bergen airport looked inside a box of chocolate bars carried by a 59-year-old Spanish man, they found all was not as it seemed.

Norwegian customs get a Kinder surprise
The man was carrying 1.5kg of hashish disguised as chocolate. Photo: Bergen Customs
Wrapped inside the Kinder chocolate bars, Kit Kats and other confectionary was hidden 1.2kg of cannabis resin. 
“In the baggage there were various types of food which had been prepared with hashish. It wasn’t just Kinder chocolate, but also others, as you can see in the picture,” Åge Skår, head of the customs at the airport, told Norway's NTB newswire. 
The man had been travelling with his son from Riga in Latvia when he was stopped. 
“In addition to the fact that the Spaniard was coming from Riga, there were several other things that made us decide to check more thoroughly,” Skår told TV2. 
 Customs had for instance received reports that the man was giving off a strong smell of cannabis. 
“This is far from being a record haul, but it is a significant amount,” Skår told NTB.  
“It is not unusual to try and hide what you have with you, but this quantity is relatively large for an airline passenger,” he told TV2. 
The man and his son have been handed over to the police.