Norwegians pay all-time record prices at the pumps

Norwegians pay all-time record prices at the pumps
Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix
After new tax rules came into force on New Year’s Day, petrol and diesel prices in Norway reached their highest level ever.
The recommended price at Circle K (previously Statoil) stations on Monday were16.29 kroner per litre (about $7.50 per US gallon) of petrol, while diesel prices were set at 15.25 kroner per litre ($7 per US gallon), the highest levels ever, according to E24. 
The record prices are the result of fuel tax increases at 0.34 kroner for petrol and 0.55 kroner for diesel that kicked in on January 1st. 
Finance Minister Siv Jensen told E24 that her Progress Party has fought to offset the tax increases with other breaks for motorists. 
“Progress has always been and will continue to be the motorists’ party. While the majority of the other parties want to increase fees for motorists, we have stood firm on the government's so-called vehicle package. As a result, the slight fuel tax increases have been compensated with other tax cuts,” she said. 
The annual motor vehicle tax was reduced to 12 percent, compensation rates for commuter allowances were increased and the depreciation rates for trucks, vans and taxis were increased. 
Labour Party spokeswoman Marianne Marthinsen, however, said Progress voters should have every right to feel cheated when they pay record prices at the pumps. 
“This is just one example of how holding ministerial office has become more important for Progress than keeping promises to motorists,” she told E24.

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