Norwegian politician locked daughter in homemade cell

Norwegian politician locked daughter in homemade cell
The man said he put his daughter in this cell to save her from her drug use. Photo: Politiet
A local politician in Southern Norway was found guilty in Aust-Agder District Court on Wednesday of kidnapping his adult daughter and locking her up in a homemade cell.
The man, who represents the Progress Party, was sentenced to 120 days of conditional imprisonment with a probation period of two years.
The man admitting that he carried out the actions described in the indictment, but did not acknowledge his guilt in court, Frolendingen reported. 
Instead, he argues that he carried out his actions in order to help rid his daughter of her drug problem. 
“As a mitigating circumstance, the court emphasized that the defendant, as a father, was heartbroken over his daughter’s lifestyle. Moreover, that his daughter would not or could not get the help she needed in his opinion,” the court’s judgement read. 
The father told Frolendingen that he would appeal against the decision. 
“I can not accept being condemned for trying to save my daughter's life,” he said. 
He admits to abducting his daughter with the help of two accomplices on July 1st of last year, and then locking her inside a homemade cell in an attempt to get her to sober up. 
On the following day, his daughter reported him to the police. 
He said he stood by his action. 
“It doesn’t matter if I have to go to jail for this. I have been punished enough already, with everything the drug use has brought to my family,” he told Agderposten, which was the first to report on the court’s decision. 
A verdict in the case of his two accomplices is expected later on Wednesday.