Norway teachers to be given shooting response training

Head teachers from schools in the city of Stavanger are to receive training serious incidents such as mass shootings in schools.

Norway teachers to be given shooting response training
File photo: Marit Hommedal/NTB Scanpix
All teachers emplyed by the city's municipality will follow the program, which begins after the school summer holidays and includes a number of classes and exercises.
“We have been waiting to get this issue on the agenda.There are certain things lacking at the schools and we have been wondering what kind of procedures we need. It's important, because this is something that could happen at any time,” Stein Endresen, outgoing headteacher at Kannik Secondary School in Stavanger, told NRK.
“Learning to read and write is important, but saving lives is even more important. I'm in support, so let's see what is going to be offered,” Frøydis Anthonsen, headteacher at Nylund School, told the broadcaster.
Stavanger Municipality's schools director Jørn Pedersen told NRK that schools must prepare themselves for serious incidents that can happen at any momnet.
“We will provide a series of courses for all schools, where we present contingency plans for situations like school shootings. This will be concluded with a drill for the schools,” said Pedersen.
Response drills for shootings are common in the United States, where school shottings are a frequent occurrence. Norway's most high profile mass shooting is by far the 2011 Utøya massacre carried out by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people attending a summer camp, most aged 18 or under.
“There's an ongoing debate about this in society. Fortunately, we have limited experience with this kind of thing in Norway. We've had situations where we've feared something might happen, so it's important to have clear procedures,” Pedersen told NRK.