Norway to UK Ryanair flight evacuated over bomb scare

Passengers on board a Ryanair flight from Rygge, near Oslo, to Manchester were evacuated after two men were acting suspiciously.

Norway to UK Ryanair flight evacuated over bomb scare
File photo of a Ryanair plane. Photo: Aero Pixels/Flickr

Shortly before the flight was due to take off from Moss airport in Rygge, just outside the Norwegian capital Oslo, passengers were asked to disembark and police carried out a search of the aircraft.

Two men were detained by police for suspicious behaviour but were later released. Police said that the two men, one British and one Sri Lankan, had been heard arguing loudly in the toilet, and some passengers thought they heard the word 'bomb', according to reports in Aftenposten.

A police bomb squad from Oslo arrived on the scene, while ambulances and fire engines waited on standby.

In a tweet, Norwegian police confirmed that the scare had been a “misunderstanding” and that the situation was “back to normal”. No suspicious devices were found on the aeroplane.