Dog in Norway found encased in concrete

Dog in Norway found encased in concrete
Police were called to the scene on Monday evening to investigate. Photo: Nicolai Prebensen/N247
A dog in Norway has been found dead and almost completely encased in concrete, after an act local police described as “pure evil”.
Espen Sivertsen, a bus driver from Søgne, near the southern tip of Norway, spotted the carcass on Monday evening, as he was stretching his legs by the side of the road to the nearby city of Kristiansand. 
He identified the animal from the hind legs protruding from the concrete lumps. 
“I caught sight of two encased animal bones sticking up out of the ditch. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it had to be a dog or possibly a fox. The teeth were, for example, not covered by concrete,” he told the local Fædrelandsvennen newspaper.
Martin Ugland from the local police told the N247 newspaper that police intended to open a case into who owned the animal and what happened to it. 
“This is either pure evil or people who have done something macabre against their better judgment,” he said. 
According to the newspaper, the carcass stank enough to suggest that it had been lying there for some time.