1 in 4 Norway sex offenders has immigrant background

Nearly every fourth convicted sex offender in 2015 had an immigrant background, according to a report from TV2.

1 in 4 Norway sex offenders has immigrant background
Photo: Heiko Junge / Scanpix
Of the 399 people convicted of sexual offences in Norway in 2015, 90 had an immigrant background. 
TV2 went through all of the judgments concerning sexual offences in district courts in 2015 and then mapped the perpetrators’ country of origin and citizenship. 
For the report, TV2 used Statistics Norway’s definition of ‘immigrant’ as people born outside of the country to two foreign parents or born in Norway to two foreign-born parents. 
“It’s not necessary one’s ethnic background that can accurately explain these figures. It could be finances, it could be age, in this case it is almost exclusively men, so you can’t bring in gender but these are the kinds of factors you must take into account,” Kristian Gundersen, a professor of biology at the University of Oslo, said.