Norwegian cop dances like a boss to Rihanna

Norwegian cop dances like a boss to Rihanna
Please don't stop the music! Screenshot: Stig Tonsjø/YouTube
Stig ‘Tonish’ Tonsjø is a proud Norwegian police officer and a big fan of Rihanna, so he and a colleague decided to post a video of his fancy footwork to show the human side of Norway’s finest.
Oslo policeman Stig ‘Tonish’ Tonsjø likes to show off his dance moves, and with good reason. The traffic cop had previously uploaded a video of himself dancing the electric boogie while directing his fellow officers, and now he’s back with a new video that he says he hopes will show that officers are more than just a uniform. 
“I like music. I love Rihanna and I’m proud to be a Norwegian police officer. So please, don’t stop the music,” Tonsjø says in the video, before showing off his dancing and lip-syncing skills. 

Tonsjø told Politiforum that he and his colleague Morten Hervang made the video out of “a pure love for music”. 
“I want to show that there are interests behind the uniform of us police officers, just as there are with other people,” he said. 
“The video is perhaps a contribution to show that we are people and that positivity is important. One needs that in order to create a good environment within the district,” he added. 
Tonsjø’s earlier fancy footwork can be seen in the video below, which was recorded in 2000. 

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