‘Cranky’ Bieber tries to explain Norway storm-off

Heart throb and pop star Justin Bieber said in a new radio interview that he was exhausted and acting like 'a little bitch' when he broke Norwegian girls' hearts by ending a gig after just one song.

'Cranky' Bieber tries to explain Norway storm-off
Justin Bieber said exhaustion led him to lose his temper in Norway. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB Scanpix
Bieber has already apologized for leaving his Norwegian fans in tears after stopping a planned six-song concert after mere minutes and now he has revealed the reason for his temper tantrum, telling the syndicated radio programme The Bert Show that it was due to “exhaustion” and having had “a bad day”.
“I was just cranky. I was just so exhausted and I felt like, 'I came all the way out here to do a show for you guys and I'm asking you nicely, can you please just not pull on the towel?’,” the 21-year-old singer said. 
Bieber’s performance at Oslo’s Chateau Neuf turned sour after he performed the first song, hit single ‘Boyfriend’.
Video of the incident shows Bieber chastising fans for grabbing a towel or garment he was using to wipe water from the floor. After yelling at the young female fans to stop grabbing the garment, the singer stormed off saying “I’m done, I’m not doing the show”. 

Apparently after having further time to reflect on the incident, the Biebs has come to see the error off his ways. 
“It was a messed up situation, I overreacted. [People said], 'Justin Bieber's being a little bitch.' And I was. I'll be the first one to say it because I'm human and I have bad days,” he told The Bert Show. 
Bieber will have a chance to make it up to his fans, some who reportedly left the October concert in tears, when he returns to the Norwegian capital on September 23rd as part of a world tour in support of his new album ‘Purpose’.
The first part of Bieber's interview with The Bert Show can be viewed below, while the second part will be available on the programme's website later on Thursday. 

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Tears as Justin Bieber storms out on Oslo fans

Canadian superstar Justin Bieber cancelled his concert in Oslo Thursday after performing just one song, apparently annoyed at a fan who spilled water on the stage.

Tears as Justin Bieber storms out on Oslo fans
Photo: Heike Junge/NTB

 Bieber began the show by announcing that he “loved his Norwegian fans”, but things took a sour turn after the first song, hit single ‘Boyfriend’.

“I’m done with this,” he told his fans after throwing his hoodie on the floor, a video the incident shows. 

He later apologized on social media site Instagram, saying he doesn’t always “handle things the right way”. He blamed a difficult week and lack of sleep, adding that he stopped the show because “the people in the front row would not listen”.

The video shows the star handing a water bottle to a girl in the front row, who accidentally squirted some of the water onto the stage. When Bieber used his hoodie to mop up the water, fans screamed at the singer to throw them the garment, at which point he stormed off stage.

According to reports from NTB, many of the 950-strong audience initially thought his exit was a joke. Fans shouted Bieber’s name and began singing his song ‘Baby’ to coax him back onstage.

When they realised the concert was over, many were left in tears. One of them, 16-year-old Heidi, told NTB she had spent several thousand kronor on a flight to Oslo after winning a ticket. Heidi said “this totally sucks,” while her friend added that she was “mad” at Bieber.

Jan-Petter Dahl, Communications Manager at TV2, which was due to broadcast the six-song concert, said it was too early to say whether the show would be rescheduled.

The concert at Chateau Neuf was part of Bieber’s Europe tour to promote upcoming album ‘Purpose’, his first in three years. Bieber was discovered at the age of thirteen and recently won five out of the six awards he was nominated for at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

This has been a trying week for the singer, who walked out of a Spanish interview on Thursday, apparently frustrated at the language barrier.