It’s snowing! Winter arrives late in Oslo

It's snowing! Winter arrives late in Oslo
Oslo's streets got a brief coating of snow on Monday, before the rain came and washed it away. Photo: Gorm Kallestad /NTB scanpix
Oslo saw its first dusting of snow on Monday as winter came late to the country — but most commuters in the Norwegian capital managed to collapse a glimpse of the white stuff before rain came and washed it all away.
“It’s probably a bit too early to get your skis,” Jan Inge Hansen at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute warned Aftenposten newspaper, saying that even in the countryside around Oslo there's unlikely to be enough snow to ski. 
 “There could be some more snow, but it’s not going to snow so much more than around 5-6 cm.” 
He said that as the day goes on temperatures are expected to increase, meaning any snow which has briefly settled in central Oslo will be washed away by this evening.  
“Throughout the morning the temperature will increase, so it will probably be more wet than white in the center of Oslo,” he said. 
Norway has so far seen an unusually warm November, with temperatures on some days peaking at 12C as far north as Trondheim,  8C above the historic norm. 
Hansen’s colleague Eldbjørg Dirdal Moxnes predicted that snow conditions could improve over the weekend.
On Thursday and Friday, it seems we might something, but it might be more or  less the same as what we have today. It’s a little borderline what kind of precipitation we are going to get, whether it will be rain or snow.”