Norway duo’s rapper heist skit goes viral

Norway duo's rapper heist skit goes viral
The title page for Under Sixty Seconds. Photo: Screen Grab
Two Norwegian comedians got Chicago’s fastest rapper and his sidekick to improvise a bank heist film on the spot, then used the recording for a film they acted out themselves back in Oslo. Amazingly, it works.
The film, titled “Under Sixty Seconds – Unexpected Sh!t” comes off a lot better than you could possibly have hoped, partly thanks to the brilliance of rappers Anthony Dagher, a.k.a 'Young Certified' and Qasim 'Ruthless' Khan, but also due to the uncanny ability of comedians Erik Solbakken and Hasse Hope.
The film has already been seen more than 400,000 times on YouTube. 
“It is always a positive surprise when a video starts to go 'viral', as I believe they call it now, Solbakken, told Dagbladet newspaper.
But the two comedians aren't hoping to follow the success seen by rival comic duo Ylvis with their viral song The Fox, the YouTube video for which has been seen more than 500 million times. 
“We're not jumping on a plane tomorrow to make it a double,” Solbakken laughed. “We're sitting here quietly at home.” 
The duo's comedy show Karl Johan is normally shot from the Oslo’s Karl Johans Gate, picking people off the street to form the basis of improvised comedy. 
But last week’s episode was shot from Venice Beach in California, with only the bank heist film shot back in Oslo.